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Angel Corpse - Exterminate (9/10) - USA - 1998

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Osmose Productions
Playing time: 39:52
Band homepage: -


  1. Christhammer
  2. Wartorn
  3. Into The Storm Of Steel
  4. Phallelujah
  5. Reap The Whirlwind
  6. That Which Lies Upon
  7. Embrace
  8. Sons Of Vengeance
Angel Corpse - Exterminate
Quick story: when I was 19, I tried to scam my way into an ANGEL CORPSE/KRISIUN-gig here in my hometown which was a 21-and-over show only. I acted like I was on the loading crew, and helped the opening band (locals whom I knew) in with their gear. It was all going fine until Colonel Dildo hunted me down in the corner of the venue, where I was hiding, and asked for my ID. I pleaded with him for fifteen minutes, but he was far too "important" to take such a chance which "could have cost him his job". ASSHOLE! Wherever you are, I hope you DIE by way of severe death!!!!!

The show, I was told, ended up having a turnout of maybe 30-40 people. Absolutely disgraceful! I will never live down not seeing that show, as shortly after that tour, ANGEL CORPSE disbanded. What's wrong with this picture people? Well at least I have albums like this to remember them by, but still, Colonel Dildo is on my eternal Shitlist, and 40 people for a gig like THAT?!? I would've killed to have been there, I almost did!

Anyway, to the album (I'm sounding too much like Wes now, *shame*): this fucking RULES (DOH!)! What can I say? ANGEL CORPSE made three full-length albums in a fairly short timespan, this being their second, and while it was seemingly overshadowed by the successor (right, Alex?) "The Inexorable", I personally prefer this album.

I don't exactly know why I prefer this, it's not as well-produced as "TI", but I feel that the songs here are more varied, it feels more powerful in many ways. The sound of those bass drums is just, DAMN, it makes my testicles dance and my bowels severely agitated, which any good double-bass-drummer should seek to achieve for their listener, right? Listen to that shit on "Phallelujah", or "Christhunter", or "Reap The Whirlwind", HOLY SOILED UNDERPANTS BATMAN! This is the soundtrack to some disturbingly violent endeavours, I didn't even notice it when I slammed my head through that window, and the blood, the BLOOD! So much BLOOOOOOOOD!!! *cough*

I think this all goes without saying: if you are a Grind-fiend, an underground Death Metal-whore, et cetera, ad infinitum, and you are without albums like this, you deserve to be shit upon! No collection is complete without this fucking disc! I suggest you not only lie/cheat/steal to obtain this, but if necessary, that you prostitute yourself in your local ghetto to acquire the funds. You'll lose your pride, innocence, and in some cases, virginity, but at least you'll have the album!!!!!!

Sorry, but albums like this need a shock-value review, it is necessary for the sake of...something......SHIT it's just necessary! I'm not gonna explain why, just get it and prove me right! Send me $$$ as thanks, US-funds only...

Gabriel Gose

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