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Gluecifer - Automatic Thrill (9/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Rock'n'Roll
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 36:16
Band homepage: Gluecifer


  1. Automatic Thrill
  2. Take It
  3. Car Full Of Stash
  4. Here Come The Pigs
  5. Dingdong Thing
  6. A Call From The Other Side
  7. Shaking So Bad
  8. Freeride
  9. Put Me On A Plate
  10. Dr. Doktor
  11. The Good Times Used To Kill Me
Gluecifer - Automatic Thrill
It's only Rock'n'Roll, one could say regarding the already fifth studio album of GLUECIFER, without a negative meaning. With "Automatic Thrill", the Norwegians fight again the battle for the throne of Rock'n'Roll, or it is also titled as Swine Rock or Dirty Rock in the past few years. But who hasn't understand it yet, GLUECIFER play snotty 70s Rock'n'Roll. So, those liking polished hairspray melodies can now stop to read. This is about loudly mangy guitars, feedbacks and party.

With "Automatic Thrill", GLUECIFER manage it to strike up to their former successes, after the last records received not only positive reviews. In my view, I can absolutely live with "Automatic Thrill". Already the titletrack and "Take It" come out of your speakers pretty rocky and catchy. Yeah, the old drive is back again! The third song "Car Full Of Stash" isn't so appealing to me but the remaining songs have it all again. "Here Come The Pigs", which reminds me somehow of MONSTER MAGNET in their "Powertrip"-era or "Freeride" are really good party songs. GLUECIFER have delivered a real party album. However, one needs some spins to get really into the songs. I needed a bit more time for "Put Me On A Plate" or for "Dingdong Thing", but after several listenings, they developed into killers. What I found a bit troubling on GLUECIFER, is that they are a bit repetitive, even though on a high level. On the other hand, MOTÖRHEAD play the same thing for decades and they are pretty successful. So, let us wait and see. As long as GLUECIFER's songs are so refreshing and great as on "Automatic Thrill" , there's nothing left to complain about. And they have already now much success. I just mention the Grammy nomination for their last record. But back again to the hammer of "Automatic Thrill". Soundwise, the Norwegians let nothing to be desired. Responsible had been again Kare Vestrheim, Ulf Holand and Howie Weinberg alike on "Basement Apes". Who knows the predecessor, can expect the same decent sound.

I believe that the fans will be pretty satisfied with this record. GLUECIFER offer again appealing and accessible songs. First of all, they pushed the pedal once again on "Automatic Thrill" and that is what we want to listen to. Who has finally conquered the Dirty Rock throne is nothing, I can say, but in my opinion, GLUECIFER are in the first row together with HELLACOPTERS and the BACKYARD BABIES. The tour of the band from Norway starts in February and finally then, it comes obvious, how "Automatic Thrill" will appeal. So, let us be on the rack! Till then, check out the album in any case and let your ass kicked by these Norwegians.

Check out tips: "Automatic Thrill", "Here Come The Pigs", "Put Me On A Plate" (Online February 8, 2004)

Patrick Weiler

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