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Kittie - Oracle (7,5/10) - Canada - 2001

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: Artemis Records
Playing time: 63:09
Band homepage: Kittie


  1. Oracle
  2. Mouthful Of Poison
  3. In Winter
  4. Severed
  5. Run Like Hell
  6. Pain
  7. Wolves
  8. What I Always Wanted
  9. Safe
  10. No Name
  11. Pink Lemonade
  12. Spit (Live)
  13. Brackish (Live)
  14. Suck (Live)
  15. Do You Think (Live)
  16. Raven (Live)
Kittie - Oracle
The "Girls From Hell" are back to kick the arse of their male colleagues once more. Had KITTIE still been a quartet on their debut "Spit", the girls now are around as a trio as Fallon Bowman (guitar/vocals) has left the "slightly different girl band". The overall sound has not really changed through that, rather got a bit more heavy and compared to the debut "Oracle" is a lot more mature. The musical performance is remarkable.

Drummer Mercedes Lander kills her drum kit, while Talena Atfield strangles the four strings and adds deep sound to the rhythm carpet. Over all of that stands guitarist and singer Morgan Lander, who does not only prove her skills with the six string, but especially excels with her vocal delivery. Only in the few calmer parts you can actually notice that we have a woman on the mix here, because when she gets going and starts roaring, at least half her male colleagues can pick up their legs and run. What had still been smiled upon on "Spit" now should bring the perspiration of fear to the critics' foreheads. The evolution within one year is pretty remarkable and how fast a band can grow is thoroughly proved by "Oracle".

Would you try to describe the sound of the three gals, then you could call the album a pretty unique mix of MORBID ANGEL, THE GATHERING and a bit NO DOUBT. However, "Oracle" is brutal and has grit and doesn't even stand close to the little, dumb and jumpy "Barbie doll school girl" bands. (Online February 9, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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