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Zombification - Cadaveric Invasion (6/10) - Italy - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 13:36
Band homepage: Zombification


  1. Millennium Gore
  2. Zombie Pestilence
  3. Forced To Bleed
Zombification - Cadaveric Invasion
Featuring drawn out intros (as well as outros) guttural vocals matched up with higher screamed vocals and a small variety of other things that make up gory Death Metal, ZOMBIFICATION possess too many clichés too really be taken seriously.

The music hits hard though and there's some groovy riffs here and there, it can get somewhat enjoyable, but it's usually followed up by the sound of someone who just can't play their instrument quite right. Often, when the speed picks up, it sounds like someone in the band is just slightly behind and it throws off the band's balance. Then it slows down and everything feels right again, but there's still a great deal of room between right and great.

ZOMBIFICATION's strength lies in their ability to write some solid groovy riffs, that just click from the get go. It's not the kind of thing that takes multiple listens to get into and nor should it be. You just need to put it on and be satisfied.

But what are demos for if not getting a few ideas on tape and working on them from there? It's not entirely bad, far from it actually. I don't hear a poor demo when I play "Cadaveric Invasion" I hear a band with a lot of room to grow. (Online February 10, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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