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American Head Charge - The War Of Art (8/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: American Recordings
Playing time: 67:51
Band homepage: American Head Charge


  1. A Violent Reaction
  2. Pushing The Envelope
  3. Song For The Suspect
  4. Never Get Caught
  5. Self
  6. Just So You Know
  7. Seamless
  8. Effigy 23
  9. Americ*** Evolving Into Useless Psychic Garbage
  10. Shutdown
  11. We Believe
  12. Breathe In, Bleed Out
  13. Fall
  14. Reach And Touch
  15. All Wrapped Up
  16. Nothing Gets Nothing
American Head Charge - The War Of Art
It seems to be in at the moment that as new band from the Alternative Metal genre you have more than five musicians. So is the case with AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE, because the latest signing by American Recordings consists of seven folks and hits into the curb of the most probably most popular current sub-genre of Heavy Metal (Please note that this review has been written almost three years ago! - Alex). The problem that every new band from this style has to fight with is that they have to be measured with the two most outstanding bands of this direction.

SLIPKNOT and SYSTEM OF A DOWN have shown, how innovative you have to sound, so not to drown in the rising flood of similar bands. AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE do a good job, even though they cannot deny parallels to the just mentioned bands. The influences, though, are wider and they combine Hardcore influences with weird samples and at times even remind me a log of FAITH NO MORE, who are the groundbreaking band for this kind of music. The studio work has been done by none other than Rick Rubin, who already had produced the last albums of SLAYER and SYSTEM OF A DOWN.

You can view "The War Of Art" as a good album and after several listens the music develops better and better and original doubts are crumbled. An album that forms a unity for itself and wins in power and intensity with each repeated listen. (Online February 10, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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