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Twilight Ophera - Midnight Horror (8,5/10) - Finland - 1999

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Cacophonous Records
Playing time: 42:52
Band homepage: -


  1. Pandemonium Bizarre
  2. Burning Velvet Palanquin
  3. Passion's Deviltry
  4. Chaos And The Conquest
  5. Night Beholds The Supreme Clandestine
  6. Black Fire In The Chasm Of Rapture
  7. Devastation Of Empyrean (Before The Dawn)
  8. Engrossed By Carnal Lust
  9. MidNightmare
Twilight Ophera - Midnight Horror
The first album of Finland's TWILIGHT OPHERA, "Shadows Embrace The Dark", went under two years ago, undeservedly as I'd think, but still they got a second chance, which they really profited from.

The skeleton of "Midnight Horror" still is Melodic Black Metal, but next to classical undertones and quotes from horror-movies, Traditional Heavy Metal breaks the surface on all fronts, what crushes all comparisons to CRADLE OF FILTH!

The second album just cannot go by as unnoticed as the debut with heavy and epic hymns ("Burning Velvet Palanquin"), songs garnished with calmer sounds ("Devastation Of Empyrean (Before The Dawn)"), Black Power Metal-killers like the slightly reminiscent of CHILDREN OF BODOM "Chaos And The Conquest" or the absolute highlight "Night Beholds The Supreme Clandestine" with its highly melodious guitars, thundering double-bass and accentuating keyboards.

Anybody, who can arrange him- or herself with the rough vocals should, no, has to check out this album at next opportunity!

Alexander Melzer

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