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Human Fortress - Defenders Of The Crown (9/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 53:56
Band homepage: Human Fortress


  1. Knights In Shining Armour
  2. Defender Of The Crown
  3. Collosseum
  4. Gladiator Of Rome >mp3
  5. Holy Grail Mine
  6. Border Raid In Lions March >mp3
  7. Siege Tower >mp3
  8. Schattentor >mp3
  9. Skin & Feather
  10. Mortal's Sinful Wrath >mp3
  11. Sacral Fire
  12. The Valiant
Human Fortress - Defenders Of The Crown

This is the second album from up and coming Melodic Metallers HUMAN FORTRESS and if you enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of the bands 2001 debut “Lord Of Earth And Heaven’s Heir“ then you’ll not be in the least bit disappointed with „Defenders Of The Crown“.


“Lord Of Earth And Heaven’s Heir“ was a band finding its feet, “Defenders Of The Crown“ is a band who have found those feet and are quite prepared to do battle in the Melodic/Progressive Metal field along side the likes of big hitters KAMELOT and RHAPSODY.


Tracks such as “Defenders Of The Crown“, “Border Raid In Lions March“ and “Siege Tower“ are expertly laid down and contains all the hallmarks of Traditional Metal coupled with some very fine Melodic passages. The music on offer is bright, compelling and a complete joy to listen to. The vocals of Jioti Parcharidis are a particular highlight. At times he reminds of a young Geoff Tate and Michael Kiske. However he doesn’t over do it and along side Roy Kahn of the mighty KAMELOT Parcharidis is one of the genres finest vocal talents. Keyboards swirl, acoustic guitars pick and sway along side some fine bombastic riffing backed up by a solid and sure rhythm section.


Melodic Metal fans that have not yet checked out HUMAN FORTRESS will do well to source this stunning piece of work.


How long to album number 3!!! (Online February 11, 2004)

Chris Doran

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