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Seventh Seal - The Black Dragon's Eyes (7/10) - Italy - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Steelheart
Playing time: 48:16
Band homepage: Seventh Seal


  1. The Ways Of The World >mp3
  2. The Black Dragon's Eyes >mp3
  3. Only A Dream
  4. Living For Honour (The Gladiator)
  5. Midnight Train
  6. Riding The Waves
  7. The Unicorn >mp3
  8. Nightly Rainbow
  9. Thundersteel (Bonus Track)
  10. I'm Alive (Bonus Track)
Seventh Seal - The Black Dragon's Eyes

There’s no guessing which two bands this lot sound like then. When I tell you SEVENTH SEAL are Italian and they like their Metal writ large and epic then only HELLOWEEN and RHAPSODY can hold court in SEVENTH SEAL’s way of thinking. And yes SEVENTH SEAL sound like both but you know what? They deliver the Epic Metal bit that well and convincingly that devotes of this particular Metal genre are gonna just embrace them.


SEVENTH SEAL are the new RHAPSODY who in turn is just re-hashed HELLOWEEN from the “Keepers” era in the twenty first century. It’s all there: the frantic double bass drumming, hitting home like an express train, the MAIDEN-esque duelling guitars, the razor sharp riffing and the high pitched, wailing vocals, carried off with some aplomb by Chiara Luci.


It’s all been done before and ironically they cover HELLOWEEN’s „I’m Alive“ however don’t be put off by the comparisons. The song writing capabilities, the musicianship and production and all from a debut offering promise much more to come in the future. (Online February 12, 2004)

Chris Doran

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