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Pissing Razors - Where We Come From (8,5/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Spitfire
Playing time: 36:12
Band homepage: Pissing Razors


  1. Burning Bridges >mp3
  2. Vengeance Is Mine
  3. I’ve Tried
  4. Justice Denied
  5. Keep To Myself
  6. Cursed
  7. Born To Serve
  8. Opportunidad
  9. Open The Gates
  10. World Of One
Pissing Razors - Where We Come From

There they are back, the Metallers that for a long time were accused of having spied too much on PANTERA. But already with their previous album “Fields Of Disbelief” PISSING RAZORS presented us with a forceful piece of Metal and started to overtake their alleged role models. With „Where We Come From“ they now have passed by Phil Anselmo and co. and on their by now fourth album show themselves from their best side.


PISSING RAZORS rock off one brutal song after the other and don’t show any signs of letting up. Not even think about it, „Burning Bridges“, „Vengeance Is Mine“ or „Justice Denied“ are typical hammers and go straight ahead, roll you over with driving double bass attacks, fat guitar riffs and the usual dirty roar of Jason Bragg. Only very rarely (“Cursed”) he goes down into an a bit more measured vocal style and usually relies on his rough voice. Drummer Eddy Garcia again was responsible for the production and does not have to be ashamed of it either, because here, too, he did a damn good job.


The same also goes for the layout, which is a but hefty, but still fits the music of PISSING RAZORS like the arse on the bucket. (Online February 12, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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