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Sense Field - Tonight And Forever (9/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Rock
Label: Nettwerk
Playing time: 38:56
Band homepage: Sense Field


  1. Fun Never Ends >mp3
  2. Save Yourself >mp3
  3. Here Right Here >mp3
  4. No Longer Now >mp3
  5. Beatles Song >mp3
  6. Weight Of The World >mp3
  7. Waiting For Something >mp3
  8. Emergency Exit >mp3
  9. Are You Okay >mp3
  10. What Never Dies >mp3
  11. Am I A Fool >mp3
  12. Love Song >mp3
Sense Field - Tonight And Forever

To be precise SENSE FIELD already are old veterans of the Rock business and when Revelation Records (WILL HAVEN (R.I.P.), ...) took them up in 1994 and after an EP released the first full album, next to nobody paid attention to the compositions of this exceptional band. With “Killed For Less” this situation changed a bit, but the big breakthrough did not come, which still is very surprising due to the great songs. Also the third album “Building” could not change much, so it is surprising again that SENSE FIELD did not give up and now throw another milestone amongst the audience with “Tonight And Forever”.


What had been melodic Hardcore in the beginnings, nowadays is fine Rock music of the most melodic kind, Far from any current trends SENSE FIELD again manage to convince and excel in emotional songs, measured and somewhat unique. The sound, which is induced with nice acoustic guitars, does not have any exaggerated heaviness to it, but still rocks away pretty well. „Fun Never Ends“, „Here Right Here“, „Weight Of The World“ or „Are You Okay“ are only excerpts from the emotive and equally heavy tracks, which would deserve to get bigger attention from the listener and additionally should be branded with the praise of timelessness.


Singer Jonathan Bunch still plays an important role in the originality of SENSE FIELD as he manages to leave his stamp on the musical performance of his colleagues. Instead of the superficiality we are treated with often, SENSE FIELD try to sound authentic all the time and really don’t need to try to put on an overblown Rocker image. For some music listener this surely is not spectacular enough, but the true connoisseur thanks the quintet from the first spin of “Tonight And Forever” on and that good music does not have to equal multiple platinum awards is proved impressively by SENSE FIELD. (Online February 13, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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