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Noisecore Freak - Corner Itch Theory (1/10) - Canada - 2003

Genre: Noisecore
Label: Deadsix Communications
Playing time: 32:56
Band homepage: Noisecore Freak


  1. Jag Disturbance
  2. Rough Cuts
  3. Wall Mannequin >mp3
  4. @Fix
  5. Tin Liver Molecule >mp3
  6. H
  7. Stitck Collar Radio
  8. Scag Hinge
  9. Comic Dead Nature
  10. Limbfilter
  11. Coma Dog
  12. Harsh Bedwire
  13. Motel 6 Scars
  14. Gash Pictorial
  15. Mill Dim Z
  16. Hang Door
  17. Seeping Iron Force
Noisecore Freak - Corner Itch Theory

"Corner Itch Theory" is a blend of harsh Noise with Grindcore elements which is layered over by countless samples. In other words itís not really music as such and therefore I don't like it. What NOISECORE FREAK have made with this album is indeed extreme, but it has little or no musical value.


There are too many changes and randomised ideas thrown into the mix that it lacks any cohesion what so ever and even the proper drum machine oriented Grindcore parts are of pretty poor quality. This of course is not helped by the many layers of useless layers placed on top. The layers confuse and bombard the listener with pointless noise that nothing of any individual merit remains unspoiled and therefore the band have shot themselves in the foot before they even begin to walk. The sad fact about this album is that for the band all of this was without doubt intentional and therefore this album is a success. But why oh why would anyone make such garbage? Fair play to them though, I know I wouldn't have the guts to put my name on anything this poor.


Extreme, pointless garbage, what a waste of a half hour. Don't even bother to look at this, it sucks. (Online February 14, 2004)

Niall Kennedy

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