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Halor - The Power's Breaking Loose (7,5/10) - Hungary - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 29:11
Band homepage: Halor


  1. Sunset
  2. When The Day Has Come
  3. Seeking The Truth
  4. The Power's Breaking Loose
  5. Hurricane
  6. Desire To Fly
Halor - The Power's Breaking Loose

HALOR? Sounds like classical Metal and I am not wrong. On this 6-tracker the band from Hungary presents us with Heavy Metal that exactly sounds like the Eighties. No modern gadgetry, without flourishes and straight. Solid material, well played, good vocalist, but not really original. I guess they don’t even want to be. The wild bunch has been formed in 1999 and a demo CD titled “Horsepower” had been their first sign of life. So “The Power’s Breaking Loose” is already the second demo that also does not have any flaws in the sound.


For sure the band worships the heroes of the Eighties, PRIEST, MAIDEN, DIO and that comes through. In Hungary HALOR are climbing, I mean, which newcomer band can actually look back upon a gig with more than 5.000 people (in Budapest, together with OSSIAN)? If there is a market for HALOR in our plains? As said, people here rather go for Symphonic stuff or Nu-Metal! Speaking of Symphonic! Gabor (guitar) has also added a CD with one track that HALOR have recorded with the Symphony Orchestra of Szombathely. This long track sounds really impressive. And that from me, who normally does not like that symphonic stuff…


Let’s see, how HALOR will evolve - Time will tell. (Online February 15, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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