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Haunted, The - Live Rounds In Tokyo (10/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 53:48
Band homepage: Haunted, The


  1. Intro
  2. Dark Intentions
  3. Bury Your Dead
  4. Chasm
  5. Trespass
  6. Shattered
  7. Hollow Ground
  8. Choke Hold
  9. Leech
  10. In Vein
  11. Revelation
  12. Bullet Hole
  13. Silencer
  14. Three Times
  15. Undead
  16. Hate Song
  17. Eclipse (Studio bonus)
Haunted, The - Live Rounds In Tokyo

The first THE HAUNTED album I bought since it came free attached to THE HAUNTED’s second effort, “The Haunted Made Me Do It”. Production on this live album is second to none and sounds great through all speakers I’ve spun it on. The guitars are audible, which sometimes is lacking in live albums and the mixing was well done for all instruments unlike the live album produced by their Swedish brethren IN FLAMES in the same nation.


“Dark Intentions” is certainly the ideal introduction to a live set and sets the pace for the speed by flowing right into “Bury Your Dead”. Catchy riffs and mandatory-headbanging are demanded at all times as THE HAUNTED tear through their inventory of audio weaponry much to the approval of the rabid Japanese fans in attendance at the Akasaka Blitz venue. Very few pauses are taken by the band and they never seem to tire from pouring it all out to give a solid hour worth every penny spent on the CD and those who paid for the show itself. The show ends on a great note with the much requested track “Hate Song” from THE HAUNTED’s debut album and “Live Rounds In Tokyo” then treats the listener to a bonus track entitled “Eclipse”.


Those wishing to really discover THE HAUNTED in their entirety can check out the bands self-titled CD as well as the more recent “The Haunted Made Me Do It” and “One Kill Wonder” to get a full dose of THE HAUNTED, but “Live Rounds In Tokyo” serves as an excellent door into giving the listener a taste of what THE HAUNTED is all about. One of the better live albums out there. (Online February 15, 2004)

Dave Galbraith

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