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5 tablatures for Blood Duster

Blood Duster - s/t (9/10) - Australia - 2004

Genre: Death Rock
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 36:35
Band homepage: Blood Duster


  1. For Those About To Fuck
  2. Idi
  3. Six Six Sixteen
  4. Cock Junkie
  5. Sellout
  6. I Wanna Dolt With A Donna
  7. Fruity Relationships
  8. Heroin Punk
  9. Sk8ergrrl
  10. Bad Habbits
  11. On The Stage
  12. Vegan Feast
  13. Drink Fight Fuck
  14. Tony Goes To Court (Skit)
  15. On The Hunt
  16. Current Trends
  17. Underground
  18. Drug Fiend
  19. Achin’ For An’ A’ Cup
  20. Dahmer The Embalmer
  21. She’s A Junkie
  22. Nu Corprate
  23. Bonus Tracks:
  24. Ornery Hornery
  25. 66.6 On Your FM Dial
  26. Ticket To Ride + Painfull Noise Entitled “Htabbaskcalb”
  27. Lets Fuck
Blood Duster - s/t

BLOOD DUSTER have been, are and ever will be one of the most controversial discussed bands in Metal. Their music would appeal to an a lot wider audience, though, because the heavily rocking list of the Australians could also enthuse people beyond the Death Metal and Grindcore genres. Anyways, BLOOD DUSTER are a prime example when it comes down to staying true in every way and never leaving the once chosen path.


But also a prime example in terms of evolution, which becomes clearer and clearer with every album. With “Blood Duster” they roam through the depths of Rock and Metal and lead all their discoveries to new extremes. When they rock away, then they don’t sound like Rock wusses such as NICKELBACK or PUDDLE OF MUDD, but even AC/DC or MOTÖRHEAD should get a grip not to be blown away by the power of BLOOD DUSTER. This is not about good manners or fake pleasantries, but for some “chart rockers” this gets rough and uncomfortable.


As crass contrast to this we have the brutal Death Metal vocals and the deeply rooted passion for wildest Grindcore massacres. The question, if all of that goes together is quite valid. But in the case of BLOOD DUSTER this seems to be natural and they also show how well these very different styles can be meshed together. Imagine that GEHENNAH, NASUM, ENTOMBED and MOTÖRHEAD locked themselves in a rehearsal room and started to work on an album together. Cheers for that, because one thing would be sure, it would be a “wet” atmosphere and musically an album such as “Blood Duster” could very well ensue.


If you take a closer look at the song titles, then you could get confused a bit. Not that bad, because the best recommendation is to listen to the album yourself as fast as you can anyway. Latest then it will dawn you and you will realise that BLOOD DUSTER are criminally good and have it all from fat grooves to wildest thrashing. Great album, which does not lose any of its fascination from the very first second (let yourself be surprised) on until the last and also is pretty generous in terms of brutality. So let it thunder, rock the house, BLOOD DUSTER will help you with it! (Online February 19, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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