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Deathchain - Deadmeat Disciples (8,5/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Dynamic Arts Records
Playing time: 32:53
Band homepage: Deathchain


  1. Chaos Wartech >mp3
  2. Rabid Vultures
  3. Poltergeist (The Nemesis)
  4. March Of The Thousand Legions >mp3
  5. Carnal Damage
  6. Undertaker
  7. Skeletal Claws >mp3
  8. Carrier Of Pestilence
  9. Deadmeat Disciples
Deathchain - Deadmeat Disciples

Wow, there will be some Thrashers with moist eyes when listening to this hammer album! DEATHCHAIN come from Finland and founded in 1997 under the name WINTERWOLF. They released two demos, “Death...Will Come Your Way” (January 2000) and “Blood For Death” (January 2001). But they weren’t satisfied with the drumming on these demos and so it began a new era for them in autumn 2001. They settled over to Kuopio and looked around for new members.


They changed their name into DEATHCHAIN and were ready for new strikes. The first efforts of the collaboration in the new line-up had been the “Poltergeist” demo (sommer 2002). It contained devastating Thrash Metal, which received good critics everywhere. Only the vocals had been disturbing. They needed a new shouter, they found then with Rotten (nice name, by the way...). They managed the goal to get hold of a deal, they signed at the homey Dynamic Art Records label. The result of it is now in my hands. It’s a blood dripping collection of destroying Thrash hymns. Supertight playing, fullof hate, dynamic and class. Yes, my friends.


“Deadmeat Disciples” kicks ass, you could cry for it. Imagine an unholy bastard out of DEFLESHED, DEW-SCENTED and SLAYER. There’s not only one single filler – almost unhuman drumming meets machine gun riffing, to add is the harsh singing, which stripes the Death Metal genre. Furthermore, there is a mega brutal production, so what more wants a Thrasher’s heart? They deliver dead shot riffing, reminding often of the duo Hannemann/King. But that’s the same on 1765 other Thrash acts, isn’t it? So, I have now to go to the oxygen tent and then I need urgently a massage for my neck... (Online February 19, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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