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Country of origin: Helsinki, Finland
Founded: Spring 2001
Status: Active
Official homepage: Thales

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Band History - Thales (Online Feb. 2004)



The story of THALES, the band
by Juuso Backman, last updated December 21st 2002

The "core members" of the band are Juuso Backman, Jani Mikkonen and Lasse Kristiansen. We all started playing guitar at the same time - in 1993 or so - and have been playing and writing songs together since.

The Beginning
In spring 2001, we became somewhat frustrated because we had a nice deal of songs written, but no band to play them with! All of us being guitarists, one usually had to just sit down, listen and comment on the songs while the other two played (Lasse usually didn't bother but went smoking instead :D), so I thought it might be nice to try playing drums again and see if I could pick up where I left (I played some back in elementary school). The next week we were jamming at the local youth centre who kindly let us borrow their drums. Things went ok and I decided to buy a double pedal and my own kit.

Since we now had a band, we needed more members - namely a vocalist and a bassist - to complete the line-up. While we were searching for more members we singed up on and uploaded our four already recorded demo songs to see what kind of a response we would get from the online Metal community.

People Come...
Encouraged, having gotten mostly very positive feedback from the people, we decided to post an online-ad on a few Finnish sites and see if we could find a bass player that way. We were lucky; Juha Tretjakov replied the next day, seemed very congenial and thus we had found a bassist! :) Around those times we also found out that a friend of ours, Mika Kantola, had been practicing growls for some time, so we asked if he'd want to join in as our vocalist. He was more than happy to.

We rented a very nice two-storey rehearsal pad, which we shared with a "super Heavy Rock" band SUPERSTITION (who broke up in fall 2003) in Hernesaari, Helsinki and started practicing and tweaking the finished songs and writing some new material every now and then. This went on for quite a few months, during which Mika grew rather bored of nothing "real" happening and finally in mutual agreement left the band.

After a few months of talking and speculating we persuaded Marko Eskola (of FARMAKON) to do the singing for us, at least for the debut album. We recorded vocals on one of our tracks, "Torn" and rehearsed a few others, but unfortunately Marko couldn't attend rehearsals very often since he lives some distance away from us and had FARMAKON-businesses to attend to.

...And Go
In late September 2002, we got word back from the Record Company A&R Guy we had been talking with about a possible recording contract: the deal wasn't going to happen. I'm not going to go into too much detail here, but as the result we were missing a vocalist, again!

After some wondering about we posted "Vocalist wanted!" ads on a few sites and were contacted by a fair number of vocalists of all kinds of styles. After the first try-out with Karri Suoraniemi it was clear that he was going to be our new vocalist, hands down.

Current Line-Up:
Karri Suoraniemi - Vocals
Lasse Kristiansen - Guitars
Jani Mikkonen - Guitars
Juuso Backman - Drums
Juha Tretjakov - Bass

Previous members:
Mika Kantola - Vocals
Marko Eskola - Vocals


Promo 2003

Lasse Kristiansen - Guitars & Song Writing
Jani Mikkonen - Guitars, Song Writing & Lyrics
Karri Suoraniemi - Vocals
Juuso Backman - Drums & Lyrics
Juha Tretjakov - Bass

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Promo 2003" - Independent

Total playing time: 17:36
  1. Eerie Presence >mp3
  2. Defective >mp3

A World Beyond

Lasse Kristiansen - Guitars, Song Writing & Instrument Programming
Jani Mikkonen - Guitars & Song Writing
Juuso Backman - Guitars, Song Writing & Instrument Programming

"The Metal Observer" Review

2002 "A World Beyond" - Independent

Total playing time: 31:06
  1. Solace
  2. Desolution
  3. Pellucid Lake
  4. World Beyond

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