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The End - Within Dividia (8/10) - Canada - 2003

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 33:31
Band homepage: The End


  1. These Walls
  2. Fetesque
  3. The Sense Of Reverence
  4. The Scent Of Elegance
  5. Organelle (In She We Lust)
  6. Dear Martyr
  7. Orthodox Unparalleled
  8. Of Fist And Flame
The End - Within Dividia

The follow up to their debut EP shows a much more mature THE END, but more importantly, it shows us that band are no longer struggling to obtain their own separate identity. While their debut was good, it sounded like a DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN copycat act. Now on, “Within Dividia”, THE END asserts themselves as a real contender within the Mathcore scene and while they still respectfully show their influences, much of their own sound shines through.


THE END’s own sound lies in much heavier area, as the most notable change in their sound is the loss of the sharp DILLINGER-esque guitar tone in exchange for a heavier, more blunt tone. The songs are more focused and slightly less chaotic, but remain more chaotic than a large portion of the other bands out there. The use of darker sounds, like those found on most of “The Sense of Reverence” add a lot of moody texture to the album that gives THE END exactly what it needs; an identity.


The aforementioned “The Sense of Reverence” combined with “The Scent of Elegance” are the definite highlights of the album, as it’s the perfect blend of everything THE END tries to accomplish (and arguably, succeeds in doing) with this album. Starting out as a slow ominous track, it slowly builds moment, recedes and goes through a number of different motions before finally morphing into a raging, furious track.


Having dug their own proper niche for themselves, THE END have definitely proven that they can create something that will live by itself without having to lay in THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN’S shadow. (Online February 20, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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