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Elixir - The Idol (5/10) - Great Britain - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Coldtown Records
Playing time: 45:54
Band homepage: Elixir


  1. The Return
  2. The Idol >mp3
  3. Devil Rider >mp3
  4. Born To Die >mp3
  5. The Storm >mp3
  6. Born Loser >mp3
  7. Deal With The Devil >mp3
  8. Playing With Fire >mp3
  9. Death Dealer >mp3
  10. Moonlight >mp3
Elixir - The Idol

I’ve been a Metal fan for some twenty years or so and surprisingly I’ve never heard of ELIXIR. So for those in the same boat ELIXIR released one album away, way back in the 80’s called „The Son Of Odin’’. It is considered by the band to be a Metal classic (1990 there was another one called “Lethal Potion”, which even featured former MAIDEN-Drummer Clive Burr! – Alex). I’ve never heard it nor heard much talk of it so I will take the word of main ELIXIR man Phil Denton. „The Idol’’ should have been the band’s second offering if things had not taken a different turn (still to find out what happened) and now many years later „The Idol’’ has at last been given its rightful place in the history of British Heavy Metal.


ELIXIR play straight down the middle NWoBHM a la MAIDEN and SAXON and in 1985 this would probably have been a damn good thing but these days the ELIXIR sound is pre-historic and not in the least bit convincing. The production has been done on a shoe string budget which doesn’t help matters. Whilst songs such as the anthemic „Born To Die’’ and „The Storm’’ and the fast paced „Born Loser’’ herald the heady days of UK Metal the awful production really begins to get in the way. I am quite sure if a bit of cash had been put into this album then it would have been a bit easier to listen to. Vocalist Paul Taylor tries to inject Biff Byford wails into the proceedings but for the most part must be doing himself an injury. The riff playing is very plain by today’s standard but the occasional solo rips but the biscuit tin drums just bash along getting in the way.


I am in no way trying to put down these guys but someone has dangled the proverbial carrot in front of them and for some reason someone has stumped up the cash to produce an album that should have stayed in the vaults. „The Idol’’ will only appeal directly to long standing ELIXIR fans and devotees of the NWoBHM. (Online February 22, 2004)

Chris Doran

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