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ShadowKeep - Corruption Within (9/10) - Great Britain - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: LMP
Playing time: 63:24
Band homepage: ShadowKeep


  1. Dark Tower
  2. The Trial Of Your Betrayal
  3. Mark Of The Usurper
  4. Altar Of Madness
  5. Corruption Within
  6. Cast Out
  7. Meta-Morale
  8. Silver Sword
  9. Death: A New Horizon
  10. Murder
  11. Inner Sanctum
ShadowKeep - Corruption Within
After England had been known only for its trend-infested newcomers in the past years, this finally seems to change again. The first member of this new generation are SHADOW KEEP, which play pure stuff.

They serve us a classic mixture from Progressive and Power Metal, ennobled by a vocalist (from Belgium, by the way), which, and I have to agree with the info here, comes quite close to Geoff Tate and "Midnight". Packed into a great and powerful production, courtesy of Carl Groom, the four gentlemen and one lady offers a varied mixture from complex, but still very accessible Progressive Metal-songs ("Dark Tower", "Corruption Within", "Inner Sanctum") and straight, double-bass-driven Power Metal-crackers ("The Trial Of Your Betrayal", "Cast Out") or just mix the two extremes brilliantly ("Murder"), and a song like "Meta-Morale" could just as well have stood on the first two CRIMSON GLORY-albums.

And the hidden track is... Stop! I won't reveal this one, but rest assured that it is a hammer!

Now who can imagine to be attracted by the above-mentioned styles, should at least check out SHADOW KEEP, because without doubt this is one of the best British debuts in a long, long time!

Alexander Melzer

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