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Hour Of Penance - Disturbance (9/10) - Italy - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Xtreem Music
Playing time: 39:08
Band homepage: Hour Of Penance


  1. Der Zorn Gottes
  2. Rise And Oppress
  3. Mystification As Law >mp3
  4. From Hate To Suffering
  5. Inhaling Disbelief >mp3
  6. N.E.M.A.
  7. Spires
  8. Soul Addicted
  9. Dawn Of Cerberus
  10. Blood Tribute
Hour Of Penance - Disturbance

HOUR OF PENANCE are really a big catch of Xtreem Music and they seem to outdo some established European (and also mostly the rest of the world) Death Metal bands. The Spanish label Xtreem Music, formerly known as Repulse Records, had some good bands before, too, among other great bands they had signed DEEDS OF FLESH and they released their first two records, which really shook up the Death Metal underground. Their name change hasn’t changed anything and so, HOURS OF PENANCE are another hot candidate, some genre freak will burn its fingers on.


These four guys from Rome berserk themselves through the ten songs consisting track list that it’s a real pleasure! With full throttle and an indescribable intensity, they unleash after a short intro songs like „Rise And Oppress“, „From Hate To Suffering“ or „Soul Addicted“ without to deliver any nearly calmer notes. HOURS OF PENANCE have no underdone influences, their direction is clearly and distinctly to point out, because if one song doesn’t kick ass from the beginning to the end, this song can’t have something to do with this band. That means, that every track is a first-class neckwrecker. Merely “Blood Tribute” takes you to other dimensions, but exactly this song seems to be a very angry threat due to its creeping “groove”. Furthermore, they prove, that they are not only masters in terms of speed but also are able to create a massive sound wall with less speed.


HOURS OF PENANCE are undoubtedly in the same class as HATE ETERNAL, VADER, BRUTUS, NILE or even DEICIDE and they offer a flawless appearance within such an illustrious society. “Disturbance” is perfectly-executed brutal Death Metal. They did also a great job sound wise, their first full-length record is heavily and brutally packaged. Watch out this brutal combo as they reward you with such exceptionally gifted records like “Disturbance”, an album, actually no Death Metal fan can overlook. (Online February 25, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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