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God Dethroned - Into The Lungs Of Hell (9/10) - Netherlands - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 37:17
Band homepage: God Dethroned


  1. Into The Lungs Of Hell
  2. The Warcult >mp3
  3. Enemy Of The State
  4. Soul Sweeper
  5. Slaughtering The Faithful
  6. Subliminal
  7. The Tombstone
  8. Gods Of Terror
God Dethroned - Into The Lungs Of Hell

Considering the world's current social and political climate, it is only logical that GOD DETHRONED would use their brutal yet melodic brand of death metal as a vehicle to express their views regarding these hotly debated topics. As a result, we are left with "Into The Lungs Of Hell", a near flawless collection of death metal songs loaded with memorable hooks and riffs that will keep you coming back for more.


After a quiet beginning, the album kicks off with the excellent title-track. Thunderous drumming and searing riffs work together as they perfectly compliment Beef's beautifully hate-filled vocals. We are then pummeled by "The Warcult", a speedy death metal feast that lyrically deals with the band's disdain for wars; a very appropriate track considering the current course of events in the world. "Enemy Of The State" then picks up where "The Warcult" left off, with razor sharp instrumental work, as well as delivery by all members. By the time "Soul Sweeper" starts, it becomes increasingly obvious that GOD DETHRONED are not here to mess around. While I could easily go on individually praising each of the remaining tracks, I feel that it would be much more logical to simply state that, from beginning to end, the quality of metal on this album never falters. Right from the very start, "Into The Lungs Of Hell" grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go.


Those seeking a band that knows how to deliver the goods will be more than pleased by GOD DETHRONEDís ability to do just that. Brutal yet accessible, pummeling yet memorable, "Into The Lungs Of Hell" is here to remind us of what death metal should sound like. With all of the current troubles plaguing the world, it often becomes increasingly difficult to decipher between the actual truth, and what people claim to be the truth. GOD DETHRONED speak the truth, but whether or not you choose to accept this fact is up to you. (Online February 26, 2004)

Nathanaël Larochette

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