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Negator - Old Black (9,5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Remedy Records
Playing time: 38:23
Band homepage: Negator


  1. Science Of Nihil >mp3
  2. Free Bird >mp3
  3. Der Infanterist >mp3
  4. Interludium >mp3
  5. Katharsis >mp3
  6. Vernunft 1.0 >mp3
  7. In The Unholy Halls Of Eternal Frost >mp3
  8. Renegation >mp3
Negator - Old Black

From Northern Germany hails the Black Metal combo „NEGATOR. Unleashed upon mankind from the seven hells in 2003, the four demons have spewed forth 8 lumps of hate down on earth in 2004, so the soil shall be devastated. But seriously, what these four guys have delivered on their first long player “Old Black” is more than remarkable.


Rough Black Metal as it had been the norm in the early Nineties is revived by NEGATOR. While the drums mostly speeds away at an infernal pace, the guitars produce a majestic atmosphere as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Apart from a short moment on the damn variable “Renegation” we do not get any keyboards either.


Who mourns old IMMORTAL on „Battles In The North“ or misses the wild freshness of “Ugra Karma“ (IMPALED NAZARENE) or would just wish for a straighter version of NAGELFAR’s “Virus West“, won’t make a mistake with “Old Black”. Especially as the album also is fatly produced (but not overproduced!), so that the sound doesn’t leave anything to be desired either. Really folks, this CD had the same effect as my first contact with DEATH’s “Scream Bloody Gore“. At first listen pretty much flattened and a bit disgusted, but with each repeated listen more and more enthused. I would say: Together with BELPHEGOR’s “Lucifer Incestus“ “Old Black“ is an absolute must!!! (Online February 28, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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