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35 tablatures for Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - In Cold Blood (9/10) - USA - 1997

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Pavement
Playing time: 42:05
Band homepage: Malevolent Creation


  1. Nocturnal Overlord
  2. Prophecy
  3. Compulsive
  4. Narcotic Genocide
  5. Violated
  6. Leech
  7. In Cold Blood
  8. Vision Of Malice
  9. "Seven"
  10. Preyed Upon
  11. Millions
  12. Condemned
  13. Seizure
Malevolent Creation - In Cold Blood
This remains MALEVOLENT CREATION's most brutal, uncompromising album to date, falling closer to pure Grindcore than Death Metal, but containing the power and brutality which the latter genre is known for, and MALEVOLENT CREATION helped to define. The production is massive and all-encompassing, with a particularly colossal drum sound, the band enlisted the amazing talents of Derek Roddy for the drum-chair on this effort, and the result is nothing less than you'd expect from the man, anyone who's heard him on NILE's "Black Seeds Of Vengeance" knows what I'm talking "wink wink" necessary...

"In Cold Blood" has precious little to offer in the way of variety, but MALEVOLENT CREATION were not particularly known for that after all. The appeal of this album lies more in the fact that it is perfect for those "inconsolable times", when you would take great pleasure in murdering someone, something, anything really. I would choose "Nocturnal Overlord" for a soundtrack to such an endeavour, the most scathing opening-track MALEVOLENT CREATION has ever crafted, with an intro that will physically knock you down if you're not careful. The remainder of the album, with a few exceptions, is basically in a similar vein. Some of your more self-conscious critics might slag the band as not including enough differentiation between songs, too same-y maybe? Well, I agree in some ways, this isn't an album I will turn to when I'm in need of texture, there's always CYNIC for those times, but I also don't neglect the importance of albums like this. Was "Reign In Blood" a particularly "varied" album? Was it not the blatant relentlessness of said album that helped make it an all-time great? I feel "In Cold Blood" serves a similar purpose...

Other skull-crushing cuts: tracks 2-13. You can just put this album in, set the player to "random", and get maximum bludgeoning potential no matter what. However, special notice goes to closing song "Seizure," I think the title itself kinda goes without saying...

On a personal note, this album, a few years back, played a big part in my hook-line-&-sinker introduction to the vast topography of blasting Death Metal, whether that's a good or bad thing is anybody's guess. I suppose I could have found RHAPSODY at the same time and started wearing tight-fitting jockstraps and silken garments, so I can't complain...

Now put down that bong and go get this!

Gabriel Gose

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