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Thor - Triumphant (4/10) - Canada - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Scratch Records
Playing time: 63:19
Band homepage: Thor


  1. March To Glory
  2. I Am Thor
  3. Anger #3 >mp3
  4. Call Of The Triumphant >mp3
  5. Intercessor From The Motion Picture "The Intercessor: Rock N' Roll Nightmare Part 2"
  6. Slave
  7. Viking's Funeral
  8. Back For Blood
  9. Graveyard (From The Film: "Graveyard") >mp3
  10. Thunder Hawk
  11. Throwing Cars At People On Coke With Thor
  12. The Guardians Flame An Opus By Thor I. Thunder On The Tundra Ii. Crimson Twilite Iii. War Hammer Fubar Is A Super Rocker From The Motion Picture "Fubar The Movie" (Bonus Track)
  13. Everybody Needs A Hero  (Bonus Track)
  14. Hail Steeve Reeves Plus - Digital Videos For Your Home Computer: (Bonus Track)
  15. Fubar Is A Super Rocker Music Video Thor Vintage Video Archives Highlights (Bonus Track)
Thor - Triumphant

Jon Mikl Thor…Yes, THOR, an original showman of Rock music, enduring icon and father of Glam Rock/Metal and one of the true originators of Rrock theatre is back with his latest offering entitled “Triumphant”. This improved edition (“Triumphant” existed in a previous non-distributed [PHD] edition of 500 that were sold off-stage) features re-mastered sound, five new songs, three updated song versions and two bonus video clips. Now as we all know this is pure fun when it comes to the music and I myself wouldn't even say that I am a total fan of THOR yet I check out all the latest releases just to see what the strongman of Rrock and our Canadian "MANOWAR" is up to. The CD is packed with anthemesque songs that will keep you wanting to chant the chorus, much like being at an Andrew W.K. live show. It may seem wrong but I even found myself singing along to tunes like "I Am Thor" and the redone classic "Thunder On The Tundra".


There is an excellent duo with Seth from ANAL CUNT called "Throwing Cars At People On Coke With Thor". The one clip on the CD that I have to say surprised me was the title track "Call Of The Triumphant". This song had a grind to it not found anywhere on the rest of the album and sort of created a real Power Metal feel for itself bringing onto the CD one of the more stable arrangements still holding the ground with some pretty cheesy lyrical content. This was just another song about a frozen tundra and battles of war that have taken place on it during this Viking anthem done only by The one guy that can pull this theme off over and over. THOR fans are still there united and new generations are finding out for themselves that THOR is as cool now as he ever was in 1978, or 1985, or 1999 (but seriously). Love him or hate him THOR is a living legend and Triumphant is a great new album that does not in any way embarrass his legacy. It just shows some people have the commitment to drive and entertain. Music is supposed to be fun and will remain this in the eyes of some as long as we have the immortal "God of Thunder". (Online February 29, 2004)

Greg Manley

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