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THE METAL OBSERVER - Interview - INTO ETERNITY - February 2004

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Into Eternity - The almighty guitar riff - February 2004

First, would you like to tell me more about the history of the band?


The history of the band seems to be constantly evolving. The main core of the band has always been Scott, Jim and I. We have had line-up changes with the second guitar slot over the years, but I think fresh blood is a positive for us. I like working with other guitar players because it really gives me a push to become better. Every new guy we have had has brought in something different. In 2002 we brought in Cris Krall on lead vocals and in 2003 Rob Doerty came in on second guitar. I think we have a perfect balance now within the band. Our new album, “Buried In Oblivion”, features the new guys. We are really excited about the new songs!


Was there any of you playing in another band before forming INTO ETERNITY?


Everyone in the band has played in countless local bands prior to INTO ETERNITY. The scene here in Regina is small, so good musicians eventually play with each other probably more than once. Scot, Rob and I were in a band together in 1996. Scott and I went on to get INTO ETERNITY going and now 6 years later Rob moved back to Regina and is back in the group. We have known all of each other for 13 years at least!


Do you live of your music, or do you have "other" job along with INTO ETERNITY?


That is the ultimate goal. We all would kill to be able to live off the band. For a Metal band to do that is very hard. It is the exception and not the rule. Now that we are signed with Century Media, we plan on hitting the road more and attempt to start making some cash and get ahead. Right now we are just opening tours, but hopefully this album will push us to a level that we haven't seen yet! Rob owns his own studio, so he does that and Scott works at Touchwood Studio where we did our three albums. The rest of us work, but nothing too exciting. Hopefully we'll be able to track new material at Rob's new studio that he built.


In my opinion, INTO ETERNITY innovate with their blend of Progressive Metal with a Death Metal approach. This mix of clean vocal harmonies along with Death vocals still impress me each time I listen to them. What do you think of that statement?


Thanks a lot for that! I think bands should take chances and experiment with different styles of Metal. We're all big fans of all Metal, so why should we limit what we do within a single song? The goal in this band was always to mix progressive Metal with Death Metal. Plus having solos and interludes in each song is a really treat for me as a guitar player. I feel I can really stretch out in each song. I think more bands should be shredding out the solos. I love clean vocals, but sometimes aggressive Death vocals are called for. We agree fortunate enough that 4/5ths of us can do good Death style vocals and 3/5 of us can sing. It works out well live because it turns into a big wall of voices and aggressive music.


What are your influences?


Each individual member has different influences, but we can all agree on some bands like...NEVERMORE, SLAYER, SYMPHONY X, DEATH, DREAM THEATER, CRYPTOPSY, PAIN OF SALVATION, ARCH ENEMY and IRON MAIDEN. I grew up on the bay area Thrash sound of 1989, so I really dug TESTAMENT, SANCTUARY, FATES WARNING, ANNIHILATOR, FORBIDDEN and MEGADETH. Now I love all Metal. ZERO HOUR is great, JOHN ARCH, LAMB OF GOD, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, SHADOWS FALL and CHILDREN OF BODOM. There are so many great bands out there now that are pushing and making great music. we hope to tour with all of them soon!


With "Buried In Oblivion", your new album, about to be released, what do you expect will be the overall reaction of the fans? And the reaction of new ones?


I really hope that people will be blown away! We wanted to come up with some fresh sounding songs that have something for every Metal fan. The Death Metal parts, the catchy chorus', the lightning leads and over all good songs. So far the reaction has been overwhelming and we are just getting out advance copied now, so we expect big things. This album has no filler!


Do you prefer live performances or working in the studio?


I definitely prefer a live situation compared to a stale studio. There is nothing in the world that beats a great live show and everybody is singing along and killing themselves to the music. You just can't beat that type of emotion. I find the studio very stressful. You are trying to get each little note perfect and then you start wondering how people will like the songs. You put your heart into each section and it can be quite frustrating at times. It's nice when all of that is done and we can get back out playing live for the fans. That’s what it’s all really about.


Have you any method for song writing? Does everyone in the band is involved with the song writing process?


Usually the music is always written first. Everything starts with that all mighty guitar riff. Then the vocals and other instruments can bounce off of it. That’s where the vocal melody comes from and then the angry Death parts as well. We always try to come up with a basic structure of the song with a beginning and an end. From there we time the song to make sure that we aren't writing at 45 minutes epic that people might fall asleep through! I think a 4 minutes length for our music is a good length. We usually have so much going on that it shouldn't get boring. Everyone in the band throws in their two cents and helps arrange the song, but it starts from the guitar.


I have to beware you before asking you the next question, because I'll try to get a scoop: Any invitation yet for a slot on the Prog Power USA V festival? I'm sure you would be perfect for that kind of festival.


We got to play the Prog Power Festival in Europe and it was a great, fun time. The Progressive Metal fans just love their music. It seems they know every note. The USA Prog Power is actually even a bigger show, so it would be an honour to play that stage!


If not, any touring plan for 2004?


We have been submitted to 5 different US tours by our label, but it's hard to get on. It seems every band is fighting to play. Some Canadian shows are up front first for us, Winnipeg, Manitoba on February 6/04....hopefully a US Tour February 7-16 (maybe?), February 19/04 in Calgary, Alberta, February 20/04 in Red Deer, Alberta, and February 21 in Edmonton. Just basically Western dates so far, but we plan on doing all of Canada this year in support of the album.


I'm also from Canada, and I'm shocked to see how many good bands we have now. What do you think of the Canadian Metal scene?


There is a lot of Canadian talent and we have made a lot of good friends touring around Canada. DIVINITY, D.O.P.,CRYPTOPSY, KATAKLYSM,OBLIVION,CAST,ANNIHILATOR,WARMACHINE,EIDOLON and QUO VADIUS are just a few of the wonderful bands around.


Do you listen to other Metal bands? What about other styles of music?


I'm always into checking out new Metal bands. In fact, I'm a Metal junkie. I'm always buying new DVDs and CDs. I think I'm going broke with all this stuff! I recently have bought the new IRON MAIDEN, CHILREN OF BODOM, SHADOWS FALL, DREAM THEATER, ZERO HOUR, ARCH ENEMY etc. I think the new JOHN ARCH E.P. is fantastic! What a voice that guy has. I think that’s one of the more unique discs around lately. Also the new ICED EARTH is killer. Ripper is God-like in his performances.


What about the fact that since maybe 4 or 5 years, a lot of Metal bands, other than the usual IRON MAIDEN tour, are appearing for a Canadian scene.


I think it's actually really cool that this is happening. Canada may not have a lot of people, but the fans love their Metal! It also has to come down with a promoter taking a risk on booking a Metal band. As long as there is good promotion, then I don't see why a Metal show can't be a big success.


Any final word before we end this?


I want everyone to please check out our new album for Century Media...”Buried In Oblivion”. I know you won't be disappointed! Also, check out our website, for all the latest updates. We hope to see everyone out on the road in 2004! Keep it Metal!


Thank you very much for answering and I wish you all the best in the future. I hope INTO ETERNITY will find the recognition it deserves.



1999/2000: s/t (CD, Self-production)

2001: Dead Or Dreaming (CD, DVS)

2004: Buried In Oblivion (CD, Century Media)

Mathieu Chamberland

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