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Shining Fury - Last Sunrise (5,5/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 50:09
Band homepage: Shining Fury


  1. Intro
  2. Broken Hopes
  3. 060501
  4. Sleepin' Coma
  5. Snake's Game
  6. Last Sunrise
  7. Memories
  8. Speed Of Life >mp3
  9. Declaration Of A Cheat
  10. Net Love
  11. Rosanna
Shining Fury - Last Sunrise

Ok, here's the deal! This is a brand new Power Metal band from Italy. The only one who is remotely familiar is drummer Ross Lukather who not only formed this band, but also was in bands like DEATH SS, Athena and LABYRINTH. The vocals here are basically high pitch and if you are a fan of HAMMERFALL, HELLOWEEN and old ANGRA with Andre Matos, then you are in good company.


I have to say that this is nothing really special. “Broken Hopes” is very upbeat with the typical double bass drumming. Insert some staccato guitar riffs and fancy neo-classical keyboard work. Musically, it's really not that bad, but the vocals have to go. The guitar solos are really good and do hook you in especially if you are a Power Metal freak. The Power Metal frenzy commences once we hit “060501”. No, that is not my zip code, but this is everything that a power track should be. Really fast drumming and guitar work as opposed to the opener and flashier too. Yeah, I know. We all heard that too before. The slightly changes things up with “Snake's Game”. The guitars are just a bit grittier and distorted, which makes the song sound a tad darker and harder as opposed to the first four happy tracks. This one does rock!


The first ballad kicks in at the half waypoint with “Last Sunrise”. It contains some saxophone for good measure, but nothing special or new. It's ok. “Declaration Of A Cheat” is a bit funkier with a sci-fi atmosphere and groovy rhythms. This one does stick out in my head because it's the most original on the disc. Kudos! Oh yeah, not like it matters or anyone would know, but Terrence Holler from ELDRITCH makes a guest appearance as a backup vocalist. The most interesting track was saved for last. The band covers a Metal version of TOTO's classic Pop/Rock track “Rosanna”. For those of you who don't know the song, in America and maybe abroad, this was a popular track in the early to mid 80's. A very catchy tune that can still be heard on Adult Contemporary stations. The song still sounds like the original, but has a bit more punch. There's double bass drumming and it's slightly heavier. In the end, you have a band that knows how to handle their instruments, but don't write enough compositions to set them apart from anyone else.


Bands like LABYRINTH, HELLOWEEN and so forth will come to mind. I just wish they could have applied the same originality to the two songs that I mentioned earlier to the rest of the disc. Ok, this is a new band and they do show promise. Perhaps round two will be better for them and maybe the vocals could deepen a bit. Not a bad start if you ask me. (Online March 1, 2004)

Joe Florez

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