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35 tablatures for Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation - Stillborn (5/10) - USA - 1993

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 42:32
Band homepage: Malevolent Creation


  1. Dominated Resurgency
  2. The Way Of All Flesh
  3. Dominion Of Terror
  4. Geared For Gain
  5. Stillborn
  6. Ordain The Hierarchy
  7. Carnivorous Misgivings
  8. Genetic Affliction
  9. Ethnic Cleansing
  10. Disciple Of Abhorrence
Malevolent Creation - Stillborn
"Stillborn" is definitely my top pick for "most irony contained in an album-title", if you don't understand why I say this, by the end of this review you will...

I guess the fact that even the band seems to wish this album's existence away accounts for something. Treading in the wake of the classic "Retribution"-album, who could blame them? To follow up an album like that with something this mundane must not have been what they had in mind, and "Stillborn" was eventually regarded by the fans as nothing more than a bad dream. Apparently the circumstances surrounding the making of this album were less than ideal, and it shows in the music.

Compositionally, "Stillborn" is not really a bad album per se, I've sited some great riffs and drumming in there, however sparse, but the album's ultimate fate is in the production. Brett Hoffman's vocals are thin, feeble, and buried under loads of reverb. The guitars are even thinner, and muddier than a Florida-swamp. The drums, while expertly performed, sound like they were miked from another room, most notably on "Ordain The Hierarchy." Add the fact that this has that cold, digital production sound we all know and hate, and you're in for a total calamity. I still don't mind certain songs like "The Way Of All Flesh" or "Carnivorous Misgivings", but I don't really like them either, and differentiating them from the rest of the songs is not particularly easy. I think two solid listens was all I could manage with "Stillborn."

My verdict: not a failure, not a triumph, not bad, not good, just sort of "there".

Gabriel Gose

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