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113 tablatures for Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy - The Arrival (7/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 40:26
Band homepage: Hypocrisy


  1. Born Dead Buried Alive
  2. Eraser
  3. Stillborn
  4. Slave To The Parasites
  5. New World
  6. The Abyss
  7. Dead Sky Dawning
  8. The Departure
  9. War Within
Hypocrisy - The Arrival

There are three things you should know about HYPOCRISY. 1. Peter has been very experimental with this band for many years now, so the consistency varies from album to album. 2. You either like this bands old stuff only, new stuff only, or a combination. 3. After tinkering with the band’s sound so much, you eventually make that next album that was a concoction of your previous work. Now, that Peter got “Catch 22” out of the way, he can now create something that the fans can sink their teeth into. You see, with “Catch 22”, Peter still had that Industrial virus in his blood that carried over from his last PAIN CD that was good if you are into that stuff, but Peter returns home again.


While “The Arrival” combines the albums of the self-titled, “Abducted” and “The Last Chapter” which is good, Peter also continues to experiment with the atmospheric soundscapes of gloom and doom. Right from the get go, “Born Dead, Buried Alive” combines an atmospheric intro with the raw and abrasive Death Metal driving guitar riffs and heavy bashing drums. The vocals are a mixture of harsh Death Metal and creepy semi-clean with the help of a voice alternator. The only consistency here is the continuing topic and Peter's obsession with aliens. The slower paced “Eraser” is sort of epic sounding and carries the same type of vibe that “Fractured Millennium” gave us on the self titled album a few years back. It has groove, a consistent beat and is also catchy. The other thing too is that it can be an anthem of sorts where all the fans raise their fists high in the air as we all shake our heads to the beat. The guitar solos are pretty slick and show that Peter still has it.


“Stillborn” at first sounds like Nu-Metal with the opening guitar riff, but that seems to change once the drums and bass kick into full swing. There are a lot of songs that will have the vibe of the self-titled CD, but things change a bit with “New World”. The feeling of “Into The Abyss” come to mind and albums of old with its very hard and heavy guitar driven riffs that were relentless on the listeners ears and the vokills were just plain sick. Old school fans will rejoice when the listen to this one on 11 on their stereo. I think this is a CD where old fans and new ones will congregate together especially when the tour with CANNIBAL COPRSE blazes through your town. Many of the songs you hear will remind you of several albums, but mostly the ones that contain the more gloom and doom sounds with cleaner guitar riffs.


This CD is the last with Lars Szöke. Now that Peter's friend Horgh (PAIN/Ex-IMMORTAL) is in the band, he should shake things up a bit, as he is a hard and heavy basher. This CD is worth taking the trip down memory lane and this CD also shows you what Peter still has up his sleeve. (Online March 3, 2004)

Joe Florez

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