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Oratory - Illusion Dimensions (7,5/10) - Portugal - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: LMP
Playing time: 55:52
Band homepage: Oratory


  1. Illusion Dimensions
  2. With Glory And Melody
  3. Fight For The Light
  4. Kingdom's Legacy
  5. Metal Messenger
  6. In The Sky
  7. Last Prophecy
  8. Life In Another Star
  9. Rising Land
  10. Choose Your Future
  11. World Of Illusion
  12. Galaxy
Oratory - Illusion Dimensions
Portugal is the home-country of ORATORY. When it comes down to Heavy Metal, though, it hasn't been known for the sheer number of acts emerging from there, the best-known are MOONSPELL, HEAVENWOOD and TARANTULA, but not much more. This could change now, because the sextet's debut raises hopes for the future.

ORATORY can be found in the centre between Melodic and Power Metal, featuring an additional female vocalist, who is not only decoration, but at times is an equal, too.

For the light-hearted Power Metal stand "With Glory And Melody" and "Kingdom's Legacy", which at least partly sounds a lot after one FREEDOM CALL-track, while the less crunchy songs are very well represented by "Metal Messenger" (with duet-vocals) and "Life In Another Star".

Yet the two absolute highlights are two other songs, the grand ballad "In The Sky", which is very emotional with both male and female vocals, yet never losing the emotional power and class, and the brilliant "Rising Land", where the Lusitans show off all their musical and vocal assets.

Sure, ORATORY are not really original, the guitars lack some power and not all songs are on the same level yet, but for a debut I have to state that they have managed to deliver a really good piece of Metal.

Alexander Melzer

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