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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - PYREXIA - Cruelty Beyond Submission

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Pyrexia - Cruelty Beyond Submission (7/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Crash Music Inc
Playing time: 36:03
Band homepage: Pyrexia


  1. Life Long Hate
  2. Ode To Brinn
  3. No Apologies
  4. Confrontation
  5. Closure
  6. System Of The Animal
  7. Hatred Anger And Disgust
  8. Bludgeoned By Deformity
  9. Inhumanity
  10. Resurrection
  11. Sermon Of Mockery
Pyrexia - Cruelty Beyond Submission

When the CD first arrived on my door steps and by looking at the cover of demons slashing each others heads off and having sex with the decapitated, I thought this was simple and idiotic Death Metal that just grinded its way through your speakers with lame lyrics that would only shock. Well, too my surprise these New Yorkers have something to say. These boys put the axe to the grinding stone and they bash away with technical finesse.


This CD is a best of CD for those who may never have heard them before or can't find their CDs anywhere. The only new track is “Ode To Brinn”. “Life Long Hate” beats you into submission with technical and wicked guitar work and solos along with tight and unrelenting drumming and Metalcorish vokills that is guaranteed to wilt your mother's flower plants in the house. The new track “Ode To Brinn” adds minimal blast beats to the already chaotic sound that actually has some catchy melodies if you can hear them. This is not slop by any means. These guys are taking harsh and brutal Death Metal to another level by adding talent that so many other bands leave out.


The compositions actually seem to have been thought out a bit because the songs work so well. There is zero inconsistency anywhere to be found and unlike a lot of the other so-called deadly bands out there, these guys don't play only fast and completely insane music just to show the fans how kooky they can be. “No Apologies” really rocks because it has a Death Metal groove. You can actually feel your head and hips shake about. The solos are beyond sickening here as well.


My final verdict is this. I have known about this band for a long time, but never gave them a single moment of my time. I am generally not drawn to this particular style of music, but since it has landed on my lap and actually hearing it, I can dig it. The band has a lot of good qualities about them and this band has talent to boot. I would normally have shut this off after about 15 minutes, but after it's over in 36 minutes, I could actually listen to about another 10 minutes of this. Yep, this is good Death Metal that will not insult the listener who appreciates it in the raw. The production is pretty slick to boot! (Online March 4, 2004)

Joe Florez

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