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Hittman - Vivas Machina (8,5/10) - USA - 1993

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 52:52
Band homepage: -


  1. Radio Waves
  2. Listen
  3. Say A Prayer For Me
  4. Words
  5. If You Can't Dance To It
  6. Answer My Prayer
  7. Partners On Crime
  8. Renegade Man
  9. Ballad Of Jackson Heights
  10. Walk That Walk
  11. Mercy
Hittman - Vivas Machina
Who knows QUEENSRYCHE? I had expected that it's so many. OK, so who knows HITTMAN? I had expected as well that next to nobody would raise his hand now. Sad, sad, because HITTMAN would have deserved it just as well to be loved by a broader audience as the Seattle-quintet.

Why I use this comparison? Well, HITTMAN musically are brothers in crime of RYCHE, slightly progressive Melodic Metal of the highest category, with great melody-lines and song-structures and with Dirk Kennedy an excellent singer. And at times they even reach the dramatic atmosphere of SAVATAGE (e.g. "Mercy").

Just listen to the ballad "Words", which is absolutely Melodic Metal, but still unites so much more. But it is really difficult to pick out certain songs for HITTMAN have managed to create an equally high level throughout the whole album, holding it up with an almost frightening ease. They always remain catchy and accessible, yet convince with good tension within the song-structures and intricate vocal-arrangements both in verses and choruses.

If I have to name some chec-out-tips, then it'd be "Radio Waves", the excellent "Say A Prayer", the already mentioned ballad "Words" and "Answer My Prayer", all of them great songs that are absolutely worth to be discovered!

Brilliant Melodic Metal that does not have to hide behind the big RYCHE at the times of "Operation: Mindcrime" (OK, almost) and especially "Empire" (musically)!

Alexander Melzer

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