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Crikey - Welcome To My World (7/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 20:53
Band homepage: Crikey


  1. Arise From Fall
  2. Leave >mp3
  3. Beg For… >mp3
  4. At Last
Crikey - Welcome To My World

CRIKEY, an a little weird name for a Metal band, in the English colloquial language it means as much as “Oops” or “Oha”, so I hope that this is not a bad omen for this four tracker, titled “Welcome To My World”...


Behind this name we have a band that from the paper form definitely is not a newcomer: band founder and guitarist Robert Balner (Ex-BLOOD RED ANGEL, –FERNGULLY), the two vocalists Christoph Mieves (HATE FACTOR, GRIND INC.) and Klaus Spangenberg (BLOOD RED ANGEL, CUMSHOT, Ex-VERNISSAGE), drummer Andreas Mantei (Ex-AMITYVILLE, -FERNGULLY) and keyboarder Uwe Haas and violinist Andrea Justen. In the studio it’s still been NIGHT IN GALES’ Adriano Ricci on drums and bassists Schymy (EVERON) and Blake (CORONATION).


So not really unknown names that try something that the info describes as “band influenced by Devin Townsend” and with “Welcome To My World” has its first sign of life. Now I am not really familiar with Devin’s works, so that I cannot really judge how strong this comes through.


One thing you can say right from the start of “Arise From Fall“, the voice of Christoph Mieves definitely is Death Metal and how Death Metal, very deep, yet countered by Klaus Spangenberg’s aggressive/melodic vocals, got something. Musically CRIKEY deliver fat double-bass, pretty heavy, but with a very melodic chorus, while “Leave” steps on the pedal quite a bit again, just to surprise in the middle with some clean guitars and female vocals.


“Beg For…“ also lives off the dual vocals, while they at times use fat double-bass and also keyboards, which sound really good at least to my ears and besides enough heaviness still has quite some melodies on top and “At Last” uses the different vocal styles even more extreme with Christoph’s deep growls and Klaus’ rough/melodic vocals, who also brings in a higher Death Metal scream, over another heavy, but very melodic composition.


The whole thing is really well produced, has power and clarity, while they do not just rehash what others already had done, but they could really create something that has a future! A good appetiser that leaves me wanting more, let’s hope that CRIKEY will deliver something new soon! (Online March 7, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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