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Swan Christy - Julian (8/10) - Greece - 2003

Genre: Various
Label: Black Lotus Records
Playing time: 39:55
Band homepage: Swan Christy


  1. Comedy/Drama
  2. Second Opinion
  3. But...That Was Before
  4. Great Day, Great Day
  5. Pure Inspiration
  6. Old Man's Ego
  7. Julien Just Died
  8. Sense And Possibilities
  9. The Audition
Swan Christy - Julian

With the release of their fourth album, SWAN CHRISTY enter coveted halls occupied by bands such as THE GATHERING, ANATHEMA and ULVER. Not because of a long career filled with quality, but because SWAN CHRISTY have shed their Metal skin off, have adopted a new sound and are now stuck trying to sell that sound to a generally close minded Metal audience. I think that this applies more to SWAN CHRISTY more so than the other bands I mentioned however, seeing how their fan base was smaller, there will probably be less people who will stick around to see what SWAN CHRISTY has to offer.


Let’s put the problems aside though and have a look at the music, shall we? What we have here is a less than typical change for a Metal band, as SWAN CHRISTY plays a wide variety of styles, ranging from Acoustic, to House.


The opening track “Comedy/Drama” starts off on shaky ground, although being good in theory the execution is flawed. From there, however, things improve quite a bit from then on. “Second Opinion”, the best track on the CD, has a prominent electronic feeling to it, laced with addictive vocals that often have me repeating the song over and over.


Also worth noting is the third track “But...That Was Before” which has a dark electronic tone with piano scattered throughout, giving it a heavy ANTIMATTER feeling and although some may feel it’s a little too close for comfort, they still do an excellent job of it.


That’s basically the template for the rest of the album. It doesn’t become predictable by any means, but the general sound for the CD can be found within the first three tracks. The quality stays the same throughout, however and if you find that one of the tracks are interesting, chances are the whole album is for you.


I’m not really one to listen to Electronica, or anything related really, but every once and a while something from that genre grabs my attention and I just can’t take it out of my stereo, this is one of those. (Online March 8, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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