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Ancient Ceremony - The Third Testament (8,5/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Trisol Records
Playing time: 50:15
Band homepage: Ancient Ceremony


  1. Ex Insula Angelorum
  2. Al Shaitan Mahrid
  3. Litanies In Blood
  4. Seed Of Evil
  5. A Black Requiem
  6. With Mephistophelic Egotheism
  7. The Ultimate Nemesis
  8. On Khaos Wings
  9. Salute O Satana
  10. Under Astral Tyranny
  11. Bells Of Damnation
Ancient Ceremony - The Third Testament
In the beginning of the Nineties two young men called the band ANCIENT CEREMONY to life. After the demo-tape "Where Serpents Reign" one year later followed the MCD "Cemetary Visions". Then came the first full album "Under Moonlight We Kiss", which still had some Melodic Death-Metal-elements, which then had to give way to extreme symphonic Black Metal-sounds. Then we got the great "Fallen Angel's Symphony" (1999) and "Synagoga Diabolica" (2000), which again contained more Death Metal-parts, which also fits the band. But now I have the latest album of the band and it combines the symphonic direction of the older albums with the uncompromising relentlessness of "Synagoga Diabolica".

It all became a truly poisonous, sacral and super-variable Symphonic Black-album of the higher class! Musically clearly on their pinnacle, AC burn off a fireworks of tempo-changes, incredible breaks, weird spoken word-passages, macabre keyboards and almost possessed-sick grunts.

I know to delect myself on this creativity and such a multitude of ideas truly impress me very much. Unfortunately the "quite crass" vocals are going to my nerves! But I guess this has to be like that! Concerning the production they don't have to hide behind the competition! All friends of CRADLE OF FILTH, whose role model-vampires have turned a little to "gothic" and still can accept a more variable spectrum should check out this album.

Who doesn't know ANCIENT CEREMONY yet and generally likes Black just has to listen to this one. Download one song from their homepage! You will thank me eternally!

Ralf Henn

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