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12 tablatures for Nasty Savage

Nasty Savage - Psycho Psycho (10/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 55:20
Band homepage: Nasty Savage


  1. Psycho Psycho >mp3
  2. Hell Unleashed
  3. Anguish
  4. Human Factor
  5. Terminus Maximus
  6. Dementia 13
  7. Step Up To The Plate
  8. Return Of The Savage
  9. Triumphal Entry
  10. Betrayal System
  11. Savage Desire
  12. Merciless Truths
Nasty Savage - Psycho Psycho

Yeah!!! All my prayers and wishes came true. The Gods are back. NASTY FUCKING SAVAGE deliver us ultimately their long announced comeback album. And what is it for an album! It’s all still there, the mazy riffs, the merciless drumming and especially the charismatic voice of super psycho Nasty Ronnie. It sounds completely like the old efforts, some songs could be directly from 1986 (“Anguish”), no kidding.


Others are almost Death Metal (“Hell Unleashed”) but carry always the clear handwriting of NASTY SAVAGE. They are complete originals, which can’t be compared with any other band, in that time as well as today. The vocal lines are still crazy as in May. One little complaint are the strange screams, which are this time mixed into the background. On the other side, there are twelve smashers of ingenious SAVAGE steel and every band phase had been considered. Whether it is the obscure debut album or the thrashy “Indulgence”-era, the progressive “Abstract Reality”-EP or the hectical “Penetration Point”-work. No problem! Merely “Savage Desire” had been already known from the “Wage Of Mayhem”-demo. This version is now played in a newer version and it’s even better than before, in my opinion.


Now we can just hope for more bloody, TV-destroying orgiastic psycho shows on German ground. Now they have the chance for a total breakthrough. It must be actually function with this killer album in the hand! Satanic greets to Florida! (Online March 12, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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