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Ilium - Sirens Of The Styx (9/10) - Australia - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Steelheart
Playing time: 65:02
Band homepage: Ilium


  1. Antigone
  2. Embrace The Myth
  3. Solitary Empires
  4. Half-Life
  5. Semblance
  6. Incipience: Beowulf Defeats Grendel >mp3
  7. The Celestial Sphere
  8. Quoth The Raven
  9. Tombsouls
  10. Sirens Of The Styx
Ilium - Sirens Of The Styx

The Australian scene grows and grows. Had there hardly been any internationally known bands apart from AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO and MORTAL SIN, at least the underground features a whole lot of very promising bands. In the past months we had bands such as VIRGIN BLACK, VANISHING POINT, DUNGEON, EYEFEAR, BLACK STEEL or BLACK MAJESTY.


And into this category of Aussie Metal hopefuls we definitely also can put ILIUM. They exactly hit my nerve with their epic, riff oriented Metal. They have their own identity with oriental riffs, the a bit thin yet expressive lead vocals and the wilful layered choruses. Talking about the vocals! There surely are technically better singers than Mark Snedden, but he definitely is memorable! The band would like to take care of this “weakness” and already asked DUNGEON’s Lord Tim, if he’d like to take over the mic.


I would think it a pity, because somehow I really like the vocals on “Sirens Of The Styx“. He really leaves his mark on the style. Lord Tim has a technically better voice, but it is rather exchangeable. The highlights on this album are the three long tracks “Antigone“, “Incipience: Beowulf Defeats Grendel“ and the title track. The other songs also are great, especially the catchy “The Celestial Sphere”. I also am enthused by the passionate solos and the always straight ahead galloping riff attacks. More about the band from down under in the coming interview! (Online March 13, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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