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More about Chrysalis

Country of origin: France
Founded: 1999 (under Heresy)
Status: Active
Official homepage: Chrysalis

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Band History - Chrysalis (Online Mar. 2004)


CHRYSALIS was founded in 1999. At this time, it was called HERESY, a band project of guitarist Nicolas Pélissier and keyboarder Philippe Tezza. Nico had a demo and was looking for a band to play his songs. Months later, they met Kevin Kazek, singer of SEYMINHOL, and Max Lehmann. But they couldn’t find a bass player who was able to play this kind of music. So they started to rehearse with no bass!


In the summer of 1999, they finally recorded their first demo called “Searching For Signs”. Unfortunately, the studio session ended in failure because of the incompetence of the sound engineer. After that came a hard time for the band with a one-year long break.


In 2000, the band was still looking for a bass player. Finally Philippe met Erwan Rande at the MAI (Music Academy International). This was a new beginning for the band that restarted to rehearse in order to record the single “Wishmaker”, which was supposed to appear on a special “Dream Theater fan club CD”. Unfortunately the fan club couldn’t release the CD… This new setback put an end to HERESY. Nicolas and Kevin actually wanted a more symphonic oriented music, whereas Max, Phil and Erwan preferred a more progressive style, without musical boundaries.


In the end of 2001, Ghislain Wielfaert, originating from Paris and also studying at the MAI, joined the band. The new songs became more progressive and heavier, with a lot of melodic elements. Last but not least Pat Marinacci and his powerful voice completed the band in 2002, now called CHRYSALIS. In 2003, they entered the famous Roko Soundstudio in Germany to record the first EP called “Breaking Illusions”.

Current Line-Up:
Pat Marinacci - Vocals
Ghislain Wielfaert - Guitars
Erwan Rande - Bass
Philippe Tezza - Keyboards
Maxim Lehmann - Drums

Previous members:
Nicolas Pélissier - Guitar (on “Searching For Signs”)
Kevin Kazek - Vocals (on “Searching For Signs”)



Breaking Illusions

Pat Marinacci - Vocals

Ghislain Wielfaert - Guitars

Erwan Rande - Bass

Philippe Tezza - Keyboards

Maxim Lehmann - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Breaking Illusions" - Independent

Total playing time: 40:00
  1. Breaking Illusions
  2. Behind The Mask
  3. Torn Part I: Half A Man
  4. Torn Part II: Sweet Confusion
  5. Hidden



Searching For Signs

Kevin Kazek - Vocals

Maxim Lehmann - Drums

Nicolas Pélissier - Guitars & Bass Guitar

Philippe Tezza - Keyboards

1999 "Searching For Signs (Demo) (under HERSEY)" - Independent

Total playing time: 35:00

  1. Primeval Ignorance
  2. The Real Thing
  3. The Keeper
  4. Divine Wrath
  5. Shades


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