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In Ruins - Four Seasons Of Grey (8,5/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 44:47
Band homepage: -


  1. The Haunted Moon
  2. Four Seasons Of Grey
  3. Nocturne
  4. Vampire, Garden Of Thorns
  5. Forest Of The Impaled
  6. Black Thorns
  7. Beyond The Black Lake
  8. The Gathering Storm
In Ruins - Four Seasons Of Grey
Atmospheric, dark cover, dark name, dark lyrics and title, looks like an autumn-album. And it is, because the IN RUINS-debut "Four Seasons Of Grey" is a through and through dark album.

Musically the trio from the USA brings us a mix from Death, Doom and Gothic Metal, which has melodies and especially the melancholic lead-guitar high in importance (a certain soul-relationship with PARADISE LOST is not to be denied), but without neglecting heaviness.

The opener "The Haunted Moon" e.g. is pure Doom, with rough vocals and great melodies, while "Forest Of The Impaled" sees some dramatic increase in tempo, unleashing the Death Metal-monster (but still with much melody and atmosphere). So you see that they cover a pretty wide spectrum, where you can also include the heaviness-factor.

The songs are well structured, which see the compositions rise and fall in a good flow, forming a variable, but still compact union, borne by great atmosphere, which greatly corresponds to the cover and the dark lyrics (just listen to the brilliant "Vampire, Garden Of Thorns"!).

Who is on the search for an album that combines Death, Doom and Gothic, supported by a powerful sound, will land a really good catch with "Four Seasons Of Grey"!

Alexander Melzer

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