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Primal Fear - Devil's Ground (8/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 60:23
Band homepage: Primal Fear


  1. Metal Is Forever >mp3
  2. Suicide And Mania
  3. Visions Of Fate
  4. Sea Of Flames
  5. The Healer >mp3
  6. Sacred Illusion
  7. In Metal
  8. Soul Chaser >mp3
  9. Colony 13
  10. Wings Of Desire
  11. Heart Of A Brave
  12. Devil’s Ground
  13. Die Young
Primal Fear - Devil's Ground

“METAL IS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” This is the first thing Ralph Scheepers (TYRANT’S PACE, GAMMA RAY) screams at your speakers, and trust me, this is what you’ll get with this fourth release of PRIMAL FEAR; METAL as true as it can get. Not the HAMMERFAL True Metal type, but more of the “in your face” NWOBHM Metal. But does PRIMAL FEAR sounds old? Not at all, thanks to a strong production. Also, SINNER’s influences are not that far too, since Mat Sinner (SINNER) takes part in the song writing. But I often hear some BRAINSTORM influences also in their sound (like you will hear it in one of my favourite song, and the most surprising, coming from PRIMAL FEAR: “The Healer”).


I’m usually not too exited about this Metal style, but I must confess that this fourth offering of the band is quite impressive. I found myself head banging quite a lot while listening to the cd. There is some serious riffing going on there (there is a part in “Sea Of Flames” that is nearly Death Metal like!). Some would be tempted to compare them to JUDAS PRIEST, as Scheepers is the perfect impersonator of Rob Halford. He doesn’t sing that high on this album; delivering a more mid-range performance. But fear not, this guy as the lungs to scream at you like if everything was pissing him off at the same time.


The guitar playing is also quite notable, thanks in part to Tom Naumann (SINNER), founder member of the band, that came back with PRIMAL FEAR after a three years break. As for the bass work, Mat Sinner may be a good song writer, but we don’t get to hear that much of is playing, as usual with Metal releases. Finally, the drumming is huge, thanks to Randy Black (ANNIHILATOR), fast furious and perfect for this kind of music.


When they released their first album, six years ago, I never though they would go that far. For now on, we will have to count PRIMAL FEAR in the miles stone of the Heavy Metal world. (Online March 17, 2004)

Mathieu Chamberland

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