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9 tablatures for Exhumed

Exhumed - Platters Of Splatter (9/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Goregrind
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 70:57 / 73:32 / 70:52
Band homepage: Exhumed


Disc One:

  1. Horrendous Member Dismemberment
  2. Septicemia-Festering Sphinctral Malignancy Part II
  3. Masochistic Copromania
  4. Necrovores: Decomposing The Inanimate
  5. Disinterred, Digested And Debauched
  6. Bone Fucker
  7. The Naked And The Dead
  8. Necro-Transvestite
  9. Torso
  10. Dissecting The Caseated Omentum
  11. Death Metal (*Possessed)
  12. Goreified
  13. Emeticide
  14. Pus Grinder
  15. Torso 2000
  16. Totally Fucking Dead
  17. Dead Again
  18. Gory Melanoma
  19. Necro-Voyeur
  20. Indignities To The Dead
  21. Masterpieces
  22. Instruments Of Hell
  23. Carneous Corneal Carbonization
  24. Blood And Alcohol
  25. Oozing Rectal Feast
  26. Outro
  27. No Presents For Christmas (*King Diamond)
  28. Cannibal Apocalypse (*Impetigo)
  29. Exhume To Consume (*Carcass)

 Disc Two:

  1. Intro
  2. Excreting Innards
  3. Vagitarian
  4. Grotesque Putrefied Brains
  5. The Exquisite Flavor Of Gastro-Anal Tripe
  6. Sex, Drinks And Metal
  7. Radiator Bitch
  8. Excoriated, Emasculated And Dead
  9. Quagmire Of Flesh
  10. Puke Of The Dead
  11. Carneous Corneal Carbonization
  12. Vagitarian
  13. Grotesque Putrefied Brains
  14. Pyathrotic Discorporation
  15. Excreting Innards
  16. Festering Sphinctral Malignancy
  17. Perverse Innard Infestation
  18. Coital Mutilation
  19. Grubs
  20. Disfigured Corpse
  21. Cadaveric Splatter Platter
  22. Caseating Decomposition
  23. Embryonic Regordation
  24. Oozing Rectal Feast
  25. Culinary Pathology
  26. Scrubs
  27. Ziploc Bodybag

 Disc Three:

  1. Cadaveric Splatter Platter (*Different Recording)
  2. The Exquisite Flavor Of Gastro-Anal Tripe (*Different Recording)
  3. Excreting Innards (*Different Recording)
  4. The Pallor Of Unliving Flesh
  5. Perverse Innard Infestation (*Different Recording)
  6. Masterpieces (*Totally Different Arrangement)
  7. In My Human Slaughterhouse (*Demo Of Track From "Gore Metal")
  8. Deathmask (*Demo Of Track From "Gore Metal")
  9. Schizo (*Venom)
  10. (----)
  11. Septicemia (Live On The Radio)
  12. Vagitarian (Live On The Radio)
  13. Necrovores: Decomposing The Inanimate (Live On The Radio)
  14. The Naked & The Dead (Live On The Radio)
  15. Enucleation (Live On The Radio)
  16. Bone Fucker (Live On The Radio)
  17. Rancid Fermenting Stench
  18. Lacerated And Molested Necro-Vagina
  19. Intercourse With A Limbless Cadaver
  20. (----) (*Titled As Incision 1 On The Source Disc)
  21. The Pallor Of Unliving Flesh
  22. Bleeding Heap Of Menstrual Carnage
  23. In The Throes Of Ecstasy
  24. Sickening Colotomic Surgery
  25. Bleeding Heap Of Menstrual Carnage (*Different Recording)
  26. Necro-Fornicator
  27. Intercourse With A Limbless Cadaver (*Different Recording)
  28. Material Girl (Madonna)
Exhumed - Platters Of Splatter

EXHUMED fans rejoice! All those split 7”s and rarities you’ve been looking for have finally been compiled onto one massive collection, just for you!


One look at the track list will show you that this thing is about as full as it possibly could be, each CD is over 70 minutes long and is busting at the seams with close to 30 tracks per disc.


The first disc complies all of their splits, including the ever elusive HEMDALE/EXHUMED split and all of their split 7”. The second disc is made up of all their demos and their part of the “Chords Of Chaos” four way split. The sound on these two discs is great though, despite them being considerably older, thanks to Scott Hull’s (PIG DESTROYER) mastering job.


The final disc, which is only available on the limited edition triple disc set (the regular version comes with just the first two discs, so if you want the complete package you better act fast, there’s only 1000 of them out there!) is the key disc in the collection, because chances are even the biggest EXHUMED collector out there doesn’t have these tracks. It’s full of alternate versions, tracks for various demo sessions that didn’t make the cut, rare compilation tracks, live tracks and even some unreleased ones.


With the Christmas season starting earlier and earlier every year, you should probably be nearing the end of your Christmas shopping by now, but if you’re falling a little behind, this collection with make great stocking stuffers for all the EXHUMED fans in your family. (Online March 19, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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