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Neuraxis - Truth Beyond… (8,5/10) - Canada - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Neoblast Records
Playing time: 41:07
Band homepage: Neuraxis


  1. …Of Divinity >mp3
  2. Impulse
  3. Fractionized
  4. Xenobiotic
  5. Reflections
  6. Imagery
  7. Momento
  8. Structures
  9. Mutiny
  10. Essence
  11. Neurasthenic
  12. Truth Beyond Recognition…
Neuraxis - Truth Beyond…

Having become well known throughout the local scene, it was time for NEURAXIS to take things to the next level, and “Truth Beyond…” was just the way for them to do it.


The pure Grind aesthetics of “A Passage Into Forlorn” have been shed for this release, replaced instead by a Grindy, Death Metal fused with a god deal of melody. The key element in this change, however, was the addition of melody without losing any of the aggression that they’ve become known for, and NEURAXIS do not disappoint. While the melody does become one of the main focuses of the album, it is by far not THE main focus, and it balanced between Ian’s ferocious vocal delivery, surgery precision drumming and a myriad of crushing riffs.


Probably one of the most interesting things about this album is hearing the melodies played under such an aggressive vocal approach, as one would have expected the vocals to change along with the music, but instead they’re as just as aggressive as ever, and are really highlighted on songs like the opening track “…Of Divinity” and “Fractionized”. The only noticeable change is that the really guttural approach found on their EP is gone.


It’s always interesting to watch a band like NEURAXIS, they clearly have the talent to make it far in the Metal scene, and they seem to make the right changes and modifications at the right time, so that while they grow, there’s a definite evolution taking place, so when the next album rolls around, fans won’t only be anxious to hear the new material, but they’ll be anxious to see what new roads NEURAXIS will have gone down. It can be a very tricky path to take, but so far, NEURAXIS seem to know what they’re doing.


This album definitely bridges the gap for extreme metal fans and non extreme metal fans alike, and people from both camps should take time to check out “Truth Beyond…” There’s really something here for everyone. (Online March 22, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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