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Exhorder - Slaughter In The Vatican (8/10) - USA - 1990

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 41:27
Band homepage: -


  1. Death In Vain
  2. Homicide
  3. Desecrator
  4. Exhorder
  5. The Tragic Period
  6. Legions Of Death
  7. Anal Lust
  8. Slaughter In The Vatican
Exhorder - Slaughter In The Vatican
EXHORDER will probably go down in history as "the band that PANTERA ripped off". This is pretty lame, considering that "Slaughter In The Vatican" is one of the most intense Thrash albums of all time. Indeed, these guys had enough riffs to kill Jesus 14 times over, and a killer vocalist to boot. EXHORDER's influence on PANTERA was definitely there, but hardly as prominent as some would have you believe.

DARK ANGEL comparisons would certainly not be stretching it, although EXHORDER at times play even faster (and when I say faster than DARK ANGEL that's pretty fucking fast). In between bouts of sporadic thrashing, there are solid as hell mid paced groove riffs. a formula that reminds me of another great Texas band, DEAD HORSE.

Vocalwise, Kyle is fairly reminiscent of Ron Rinehart from DARK ANGEL, but a little more audible and far more intense. One of my favourite Thrash vocalists, most definitely, and for sure one of the most overlooked. In fact, it's a small wonder "Slaughter In The Vatican" isn't praised on high, particularly tracks like "Homicide", which Thrash harder than most would dare.

Standout tracks: "Homicide", "Desecrator", the title track, and course, "Anal Lust" (OF THE BUTT!). If you dig "Reign In Blood" or "Darkness Descends", this is almost mandatory... on "The Law" they took a more kill riff approach (in fact that's where most of the PANTERA comparisons come in) this one's pure fucking Thrash! Kill a priest and bang your head! (Online February 15, 2003)


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