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Ravenous, The - Blood Delirium (5,5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Red Stream
Playing time: 35:34
Band homepage: Ravenous, The


  1. Razor Blade Salvation
  2. Mordum
  3. August Underground
  4. Gore Whore
  5. Baptized By Demons Piss
  6. Nightmares In A Damaged Brain
  7. Festering Beneath The Fog
  8. A Corpse Is Forever
  9. Blood Delirium
  10. Spawned By Ghoul Insemination
  11. You Will Be Eaten Alive
Ravenous, The - Blood Delirium

What will happen if you put together sirs Killjoy (NECROPHAGIA and co…), Lilker (ex-ANTHRAX and ex-BRUTAL TRUTH) and Reifert (ex-AUTOPSY and ABSCESS) in the same room, with sick virgins and that you allow them to express freely their musical, sexual, sadistic and urologic feelings? Well, that gives “Blood Delirium”, second album of their project THE RAVENOUS, that’s in fact no more and no less than some kind of snuff movie soundtrack… snuff movie of which you have a perfect and almost convincing example in the nice “August Delirium” video, that contains quite a lot of blood, piss and shit.


That’s then quite funny for a few minutes, quite convincing the first time you listen to it, but just like with their first eponymous album, it gets boring when you give a second or third try. Why? Without doubt because the whole thing is so messy and fucked up. So I don’t guess that album will be so remembered for its music, but it has the interest to show us what really fucked-up Americans can do when they’re into it! And at least there’s something a bit ‘schocking’ in Metal… (Online March 24, 2004)

Thomas Bonnicel

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