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Blood Of Christ - Emotional chaos (Jeff Longo) - Online Mar. 2004

The music on “Breeding Chaos” is quite different from “As The Rain Gently Falls”, what prompted the change?


I personally wouldn’t really say that “Breeding Chaos” is extremely different from the music that we have created in the past, but it’s more mature. The diversity is still there yet this time around we’ve used more conventional song structuring! The riffs definitely have more groove and catchiness, however. I think the biggest change is the fact that we now have something we have been striving for since 1995 – a singer who can sing. Dan (Hulse – vocals & bass) has added a much needed melodic spark to our overall sound and he’s got a keen ear for sound too; which helped big time. He did a fantastic job on this album with us! We are very excited about it…


Do your influences change as your sound changes? Who were they before and who were they now?


I can only speak on my own behalf in reference to influences. I love an extremely eclectic range of artists from the likes of NAPALM DEATH, MORBID ANGEL, EMPEROR all the way to the VERVE, Paul McCartney, OASIS and especially the PINK FLOYD! I don’t think the music I listen to has affected our “change” if any. My listening tastes have not really strayed from what they were ten years ago… I still love and enjoy the music I grew up with.


What would you say your favorite/least favorite track off of “Breeding Chaos” is and why?


Right now my favourite song is “Torn & Black”… but that changes from day to day! I love them all – aside from “Blood Upon the Earth”; to me that is the weakest track and should have been left off. My special favourite is the re-recording of “Seven Children” which you’ll find at the end of the album!


As your sound changes, it becomes clear that you’re trying to go somewhere with it, do you feel you’re there yet? If not, where do you want to be and where do you feel you are now?


I am not sure where we are trying to “go with it” – we just record the sounds that come from our withered hearts onto some crazy modern media. What you hear is the pain we feel inside us. Nothing more really! As a painter would say, it’s all brushes and oils – different forms of tools to use to display our bravery, warmanship and emotional chaos. Let that take us wherever it may!


The cover art to “Breeding Chaos” is intriguing, could you explain it? Does it fit into the album?


The album cover itself was created by Aaron Stainthorpe (singer of English Doom masters MY DYING BRIDE). I have always been a fan of his band and his artwork over the years… so one day I just thought to myself that it would be remarkable to have Aaron contribute some art to our new album. I thought it was a long shot but I e-mailed him on a whim… and low and behold, he replied and agreed to do the album cover for us! I was so amazing at how friendly and just cool he was. The album cover image itself may have different meanings to Aaron – but for us it represents the concept of the album in that religion and man are media. We aim to destroy the human species and all their errors upon the lovely planet. Basically the concept of the album is an abstract form of hating humans, religion and love (abstract human concepts). The overall feel of the album is very eclectic and dark – we wanted something thought provoking and unique on the cover to represent that and I feel that this image does that rather well!


Rumor had it you were going to change your name to “Breed Of Chaos”, but then opted to keep BLOOD OF CHRIST. Why were you originally going to change the name and then why did you decide to keep it?


Certain people in BLOOD OF CHRIST do not entirely enjoy our band name, thus they wanted to try a new direction. In the end I felt that it was best to let it be and just continue on with what we have created.


I read that your debut, along with your demo and 7” are going to be re-released on CD. Do you have any more information concerning that?


This is a possibility – I have been wanting to do this for several years now, so 2004 might be the year it surfaces. We also have a 10th anniversary this summer and have a few ideas planned for that!


You had your album in launch in Montreal with CRADLE OF FILTH, how did that go?


It went well. The response was positive and we had a great time overall. It was pretty much the largest venue we have ever played, as well. Quite nerve racking at first but we took command and destroyed that fucking place!


What would you say was your best show to date, as well as best crowd and why?


We have played too many shows to really recount one as the best. But I can say this: Rimouski, Quebec in 1997 with INCANTATION still stands out in my mind as a fantastic gig. Also our tour with KATAKLYSM and NECRONOMICON in 2002 was a blast. We pretty much always shave fun at our gigs… be it on stage or off – we are always clowning around and having a good time.


If you could put yourself on tour with anyone, who would it be?


That’s a funny question. I’ll go with MORBID ANGEL and NAPALM DEATH. But that will never happen!


What was your favorite album of 2003?


I really don’t know, I haven’t been buying too much new music lately. I have been rebuilding my old vinyl collection, looking to the past for adventures – PINK FLOYD, WINGS… this kind of stuff. I of course buy metal music too, but old stuff on vinyl. I haven’t really been inspired to go discover new bands. I still love the old school music from the early nineties! I don’t even know if I have any 2003 releases! Was the new ZYKLON released in 2003? If so I have that. And I love it.


What do you think the current state of the Metal scene is? How do you feel about it?


I don’t really concern myself with it anymore. It’s like a roller coaster, one moment you think it’s getting better and then it takes a dive again. I enjoy playing my music in our band and that’s all I need to know. I, of course, keep up to date on the bands I love – but other than that I could care less. Hopefully this slab of anti-human music that we have created in “Breeding Chaos” will spark some interest and give a much needed dose of something new and creative into the aforementioned scene!


The lineup is completed by:

Jason Longo – percussion

Dan Hulse – vocals

Shane LeBlanc – bass

Jeff Longo – guitar


1994: Divine Requiem (Demo-Tape, Self-production)

1994: Frozen Dreams (Demo-Tape, Self-production)

1995: The Lonely Flowers Of Autumn (Demo-Tape, Self-production)

1996: La Sirene Ciçatriçe (7”, Torture)

1997: …A Dream To Remember (CD, Pulverizer/Diehard Music)

2002: As The Rain Gently Falls (CD, Skyscraper Music)

2004: Breeding Chaos (CD, Skyscraper Music)

Mark McKenna

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