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Nemesis - Goddess Of Revenge (4/10) - Czech Republic - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Underground Symphony
Playing time: 46:04
Band homepage: Nemesis


  1. The Mission
  2. Servant Of Will >mp3
  3. Desert Of Your Sins
  4. Queen Of Fate >mp3
  5. Host From Kingdom Of Lion
  6. Rain
  7. Crystal Eyes
  8. Mercenary >mp3
  9. Heaven's Fall >mp3
  10. Last Heretic
Nemesis - Goddess Of Revenge

Power Metal has gone through many inspirationally drained cycles through the ages when the genre has done nothing but repeated itself; I won’t mention names, I honestly don’t know whom to blame, there are so many bands who sound the same or close to it, the truth is Power Metal has too many bands roaming around doing nothing but following a dusty formula of twin lead guitars, fast double bass drumming etc etc. The disease is spreading to the more rural countries of Metal. Even a band like NEMESIS, originating from the Czech Republic, is able to release a copied version of milestones like “Episode”, “Land Of The Free” and “Return To Heaven Denied” only to make the market even more flooded.


The album cover is one of the few that makes you want to put the CD into the stereo a.s.a.p.; I´ll admit it’s a beauty but musically the band has nothing interesting to offer, a boring mix of Power Metal with a high, complaining voice that’s annoying at best, and predictable attachments like neo-classical soloing, progressive instrumentation and symphonic keyboards.


So much for originality but is it a good album? For fans of the genre (who haven’t grown tired of hearing replicas) “Goddess Of Revenge” has all the qualities they’ve come to expect, the sound is ok but everything else is where it should be. Those who look after original ideas, real talent and inventive approaches to music have a different view; I’m one of the latter, although I don’t loathe the album I still think it’s typical, cliché, childish, typical, ball-less, too average, not good, not bad, straightforward, predictable, did I mention typical?


By all means get “Goddess Of Revenge” if you want to indulge yourself to the max with stereotyped Power Metal, others stand back and wait patiently... (Online March 30, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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