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11 tablatures for Gorgasm

Gorgasm - Masticate To Dominate (9/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unique Leader Records
Playing time: 30:26
Band homepage: Gorgasm


  1. Anal Skewer
  2. Stitched Oral Asphyxia
  3. Corpsefiend
  4. Lacerated Mastarbation
  5. Masticate To Dominate
  6. Charred Vaginal Effluence
  7. Repulsive Cuntortion
  8. Concubine Of Despise >mp3
  9. Seminal Embalment
  10. Deadfuck
Gorgasm - Masticate To Dominate

What better way to spend your workday than just sitting around answering the phone while you listen to GORGASM and do metal reviews?  That just happens to be what I’m doing at this precise moment in time. 

The PC I’m on has the most atrocious speakers known to man, but even through all of the crackling and sputtering “Masticate To Dominate” still comes out brutal as all hell. 


I’ve been a GORGASM fan for a while now, but I really hadn’t taken the chance to buy any of their albums.  (Shame on me!)  Thankfully I received “Masticate To Dominate” in the mail from Alex.  I heard a lot of good things about it from various people previously, and I was glad to finally get a piece of the action. 


This album, without a doubt, has to be one of Death Metal’s best for 2003.  It would have been on my last year’s top 20, but I didn’t get it until February.  I honestly can’t get over how much I like it.  I’ll be on the hunt for more GORGASM merch in no time. 

“Masticate To Dominate” exceeded my metal standards from the very beginning until the very end.  Everyone’s praises were justified a thousand times over. 

If brutal Death Metal is your thing, then I’d be surprised if you didn’t have this in your collection already. 


“Masticate To Dominate” is nothing but sheer chaotic brutality from start to finish.  I wouldn’t recommend this album to those who are easily offended by sexually explicit material.  (Then again I can’t think of anyone I know who’s into death metal that are offended by anything sexual much less explicit.  Maybe there are a few out there, but who knows?) 


So I guess I’ll pass the word along.  This is definitely one of 2003’s best.  If you haven’t taken the time to see what all the fuss was about, get your lazy ass out of that chair and go do some CD shopping.  After your trip home, (where you were staring at the cover the whole way because it turned you on so damn much.  * Just kidding *) give it a spin and see how the whole thing develops. 


You’re still staring at the booklet aren’t you?  Naughty naughty… (Online April 1, 2004)

Jennifer Richards

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