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Diabolic - Infinity Through Purification (7,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 39:35
Band homepage: Diabolic


  1. From The Astral Plane…Entwined With Infinity >mp3
  2. Spiritual Transition
  3. Satanic Barbarism
  4. Internal Mental Cannibalism
  5. Procession Of The Soul Grinders
  6. Exsanguinated Life
  7. Descending Through Portals Of Misery
  8. Enter The Maelstrom
Diabolic - Infinity Through Purification

I’ve often complained about clones in Metal and I am really harsh to Death Metal bands that sound like exactly their peers. There’s a difference between being influenced by a band and deciding to try sound exactly like that band and it seems that too many bands out there would simply be satisfied in being considered clones.


So where does DIABOLIC fit into the Death Metal scene? The unfortunate truth is that in Death Metal and its various derived genres, it’s getting extremely difficult for new bands to stand out.


However, I AM lenient when it comes to bands that play Death Metal and play it well. DIABOLIC plays fast, aggressive Death Metal and the countless bands that fit that description will probably tempt you to just hit the “Back” button on the web browser. However, EVERYTHING I like about Death Metal is on this album. Brutal songwriting (not just brutality for brutality’s sake), groovy parts, semi-melodic riffing, solos that are actually melodic, the drumming not always at full blast and a good vocalist. So the only way that these guys manage to stick out is where it truly counts and that’s in QUALITY SONGWRITING. I can honestly say that I can enjoy the riffs and arrangements on this album, however only within a Death Metal context. I probably would only enjoy this release when I want something fast and brutal and those times aren’t all too common.


Within the general musical idiom, these guys are nothing really special. Chances are that you’ve heard something like this before and if you’re not a fan of fast, brutal Death Metal, you probably won’t enjoy this release very much. If the genre tickles your fancy, however, this is one release you shouldn’t pass up. (Online April 2, 2004)

Armen Janjanian

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