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Vision Divine - Send Me An Angel (9/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Atrheia
Playing time: 43:08
Band homepage: Vision Divine


  1. Incipit
  2. Send Me An Angel
  3. Pain
  4. Away From You
  5. Black And White
  6. The Call
  7. Taste Of A Goodbye
  8. Apocalypse Coming
  9. Nemesis
  10. Flame Of Hate
  11. Take On Me
Vision Divine - Send Me An Angel

It is quite amazing what this band, originally formed as a project, has turned unto. This is how melodic, progressive Power Metal has to sound. Singer Fabio Lione, normally with RHAPSODY, sings a lot more aggressive on the new VISION DIVINE-album than with his main band.

What makes "Send Me An Angel" differ so much from the debut is that they have moved away from the typical Italo Metal-style. Now they are rather tending into the SYMPHONY X-direction and are a lot more break-y and filigree. Do not get me wrong, VISION DIVINE cannot deny their origin, but in a time where originality is a rare thing to find, VISION DIVINE have managed to create a melodic and powerful album with a high degree of recognition.

We have only exceptionally gifted musicians here, whose technical abilities are second to none of the greats of the Metal-scene. All Metal-fans, no matter if Power, Prog or Melodic, get this great album, because also after many, many listens "Send Me An Angel" still unfolds its sheer brilliance. Oh yes, a Fluff-Rock-Song of the Eighties also got his cue, "Take On Me" of fluffsters a-ha has been adapted into a Power/Speed Metal-cracker, which almost makes the beer stop in your throat.

Note down VISION DIVINE and check out the album at next opportunity. Now I am really waiting to hear how RHAPSODY will answer this challenge.

Guest Reviewer Manfred Thanner

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