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Waylander - The Light The Dark And The Endless Knot (5/10) - Ireland - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Blackend Records
Playing time: 58:27
Band homepage: Waylander


  1. Balor Of The Evil Eye
  2. Anu's Retribution
  3. The Light The Dark And The Endless Knot
  4. To Rule Was Preordained
  5. Morrigans Domain
  6. After The Fall
  7. Release The Spirit Within
  8. Plague Of Ages
Waylander - The Light The Dark And The Endless Knot
It's three years since the Irish of WAYLANDER had release "Reawakening Pride Once Lost", a quite OK album of Folk Black Metal, after that complete silence until now that "The Light The Dark And The Endless Knot" rotates in my player.

What has changed? Well, quite a lot. They've turned more towards Death Metal, the Folk has been reduced greatly and, and this is the most serious change, they've lost quite some of their musical class, as sorry as I am to have to say that.

Only the flute has remained (although not used as much anymore), other than that they are losing themselves in not really inspired compositions, standardised and without any highlights they are passing by the listener, even though songs like the title-track or "Morrigans Domain" have their moments, yet for a complete album this is far from enough, even less with the still ongoing flood of releases.

Vocally we also get an average performance only, the grunts are a little to far to the fore, while the clean vocals, well, you really have to get used to them, you hear that the singer rather is at home in the rougher terrain.

A pity, because after their debut I've had some hopes for WAYLANDER, so I can only say that if you want to listen to Irish bands, then rather get CRUACHAN and PRIMORDIAL, "The Light The Dark And The Endless Knot" has manoeuvred this band into a dead end, where it will be hard to get out again…

Alexander Melzer

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