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Waylander - The Light The Dark And The Endless Knot (8,5/10) - Ireland - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Blackend Records
Playing time: 58:27
Band homepage: Waylander


  1. Balor Of The Evil Eye
  2. Anu's Retribution
  3. The Light The Dark And The Endless Knot
  4. To Rule Was Preordained
  5. Morrigans Domain
  6. After The Fall
  7. Release The Spirit Within
  8. Plague Of Ages
Waylander - The Light The Dark And The Endless Knot
I come to review this second album by Irish Metal-masters WAYLANDER with mixed emotions. This album is a complete departure from the style they achieved on "Reawakening Pride Once Lost". I miss that style and I embrace this one equally for it is quite unique.

A more mature WAYLANDER have emerged from their three year absence playing a softer, more melancholic from of - equally as difficult to classify as "Reawakening..." - Metal. Too soft for Death, too fast for Doom, lacking the coldness of Black, yet achieving an almost perfect balance of all forms of Metal.

Here we can see a lot of older and non-extreme influences emerging (BLACK SABBATH, SKYCLAD and even METALLICA for example) to add a new depth to the WAYLANDER-sound. Although I miss the more extreme, fast and brutal tracks from "Reawakening..." here on "The Light The Dark And The Endless Knot" I find myself equally loving the epic power of the tracks here with their ever changing tempo's and moods.

The execution on the instruments show a great improvement in skill (although they can still be sloppy at times). The inclusion of guitar solos is very refreshing to hear in this age of Nu-Metal and although they aren't very original they provide a good listen.

One thing I really miss on this album is the guitar/tin whistle-style WAYLANDER had used on such great tracks as "Born To The Fight" off their debut. Here they remain completely separate as opposed to the great complimentary interlinking I loved before.

Strangely I say WAYLANDER have (unintentionally) taken a formula from MY DYING BRIDE. The tin whistle here at times can work in the same way as the violin of early the MY DYING BRIDE-albums creating a contrast to the guitars and creating new moods and emotions within the flow of each song and due to this I find this album quite "doomy" at times - which is a good thing!!!

The album took a while for me to get into on my first listen, the opening two tracks didn't really hit me, but as soon as the title-track kicked in I was entranced by this album. There are moments of pure genius to be found here, tracks like "Morrigan's Domain" would be considered masterpieces by ANY Metal-fan who listened to it. It is also my favourite WAYLANDER-track to date (well I think so).

Overall I say this is a great release and I would recommended it to fans of all kinds of Metal due to its diversity. A truly rewarding listen.

Niall Kennedy

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